Young Professionals – Website Update


I recently, over the summer, learned how to write HTML and CSS. As an intern with the Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals, I thought updating the website would be an easy enough task. I was wrong… This wasn’t due to my misunderstanding of HTML or CSS but it was due to my lack of knowledge of WordPress websites. Writing code in WP is not as easy as inputting data. There are some areas that do allow you to insert code but as you get into the intricate information, such as, links opening up new tabs (or windows) that allow you to remain on the same, previous page while allowing you to move on to a new site. Many of this information was not available to the Chamber employees because they outsource their website creation to a 3rd party marketing company. wplogoblue-stacked-rgbSo I relied on YouTube to supplement the learning that I needed to maneuver to the information I needed to accomplish. I also went through all of the pages and ensured every one was working properly. It was a task I thought would take no longer then 30 minutes which ended up taking me 2 days to complete. It is no fault of the chambers because they are doing a great job on everything they put their hands on; some things just fall at the wayside and this just so happened to be the situation. The website is currently up to date and running smoothly! Check it out! Click Here! Also, If you are a professional, or anyone between the ages of 21 – 40 you should consider joining. It is a great opportunity to be a part of a professional organization that helps you gain valuable skills and is a great networking opportunity.

The Makings of a Facebook Contest- The Chamber of Commerce- Symone Grady

Nearly after one month of working with the  Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, specifically with the Young Professionals Program, I was made content creator of the organization’s Facebook page.  It is now my responsibility to research information about our audience including gender, when they are most active online, and what posts they enjoy, to get the most exposure when Facebook posts are made.

The Young Professionals Program was formed in response to a growing need to strengthen recruitment and retention of young talent in our region. Benefits of being part of this program include unique social and unique social and professional networking opportunities, participating in organizations and activities that contribute to community and business development, and taking active leadership roles in the community.

Moments after publishing my first Facebook post on behalf of the Young Professionals Program, I was given another exciting task. My supervisor explained to me that she is interested in raising awareness of the Young Professionals Facebook page.  The thought of a Facebook Contest really excited her, and she offered to give winner(s)  a free membership into the Greater Columbus Georgia Young Professionals Program. Ordinarily, the membership fee is $75. So, the winners(s) of the contest will obtain all of the listed benefits of being a Young Professional member for free!

After deciding on an outreach method, a Facebook contest, we needed to come up with a type of contest that would stir up the most interest in community members.  When thinking of contest ideas, I wanted to come up with something that people would enjoy doing. I also wanted to draw attention to the program’s Facebook page by involving the community somehow.

Below are my ideas:

1. Writing Prompt Contest

Participants would write one paragraph explaining why they deserved to win. These paragraphs would be posted on the YP Facebook page wall.

2. Video Contest

Participants would make  short video explaining why they should win. These videos would be posted on the YP Facebook page wall.

3. Fill in the Blank

We would post a sentence like , “Young Professionals are ____________, ______________, and _________________.” Participants would make a post including the written statement and fill in the blanks.

4. Caption Contest

We would post a photo and participants would post a creative caption to go along with the photo.

5. Q & A Contest

We would post a trivia question and the first person with the correct answer wins.

In order to get the community involved, I suggested that winners  be determined by the number of likes their post receives by other people. The person whose post receives the most likes will be the winner. Also, in order to be eligible to win the contest, I suggested that participants like / fan the Young Professionals Facebook page.

I have sent my supervisor this list of ideas and I am currently awaiting her opinions. Hopefully, one of my ideas will be used for the first Young Professionals Facebook Contest!

Jennifer Therrien – Time for Art

The past week has been spent on preparation for Time for Art. This is an event hosted by the Young Professionals. The event is part volunteer fair, part silent auction, and part night on the town. The event was November 7th in the Corn Center for the Visual Arts beginning at 6PM with a mix and mingle and a silent auction beginning at 7PM. This gives a chance for all the Young Professionals in the area to come together and get to know one another at such an exciting event. Not only were you able to mingle with other Young Professionals in the area, but you were able to give back to the community and get some fantastic artwork out of it.

One of the things I did for the event was to  call some of the Young Professionals to make sure they were aware of the event and to welcome them to YP! I was scared at first to talk to people on the phone, but by the 5th call I had the hang of it. It was interesting to talk to some of the YPs and hear how excited they were for this event.

The next thing I worked on for Time for Art were posters, bid sheets, and post cards. I had to create a poster for each agency that would be at Time for Art. For example, I created posters for Boys and Girls Club, United Way, PAWS Humane, and those are just a few. These posters had to contain all of their contact information on them. Next, I worked on the bid sheets. This was a lot more difficult than I thought. I used publisher and this is not one of my strong points. I had to get the hang of what I was creating and put it together. My next task was to create post cards so that people at the event could take something with them. I created these post cards on PowerPoint.

When it was time to print everything I ran into some bumps. I ended up having to redesign the bid sheets and edit the posters because nothing was going as planned. It was frustrating but at the same time I learned how much hard work and effort goes into something so small.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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