Jennifer Therrien, Columbus 2 Columbus


There is no such thing as a calm week at the Chamber. There is always something going on that you need to prepare for. The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce will attend the 20th Annual Inter-City Leadership Conference in Columbus, Oh. This event will take place Wednesday, September 25th-27th.  The 2013 Leadership conference brings together Columbus, Ga’s top executives and decision makers. Regarded as the leading “city to city” conference in the state of Georgia, this three day, action packed event will provide us with all of the best practices we need to improve the Columbus Georgia Region.

The “Inter-City Leadership Conference was a program initiated by the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1994. Approximately 8-100 people attend the conference. Every year, community and business leaders, elected officials and community activists visit a comparable city and examine its successes and challenges in hopes of applying lessons to the Columbus region.

One of the things I had to do for the Inter-City Leadership Conference was to create a press release to send to all the different media outlets in Columbus, OH. In order to create this press release I had to do research on what the Inter-City Leadership Conference was. It was interesting to learn how this conference benefited the Columbus, GA community. Along with a press release I had to find all of the media contacts for the Columbus, OH area.

Just like any other event there is a lot of little things that take place in order for this event to run smoothly.

Some of the other little things I did were help Janeen and Amy with name tags and then make sure that all the pad-folios were put together.