Amelia Cox – CCC – Always Tweet Your Best


     This past week at Christ Community Church (CCC) has been full of social media. I have been doing a lot of research to find out what channels of social media would be best for CCC to use. Facebook and Twitter are in the top ten most used social media sites for 2013 and 2014, and I thought that would be a good place to start. I spoke with Allen Allnoch, my internship adviser at CCC, and he notified me that CCC already has accounts on both Twitter and Facebook. I knew they had a Facebook account, but I had no idea they had a Twitter account. I started following CCC on Twitter this past week and have been working specifically with CCC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am not managing the accounts in any manner. I am doing the research on both accounts to see what posts get the most attention in order to help make the posts for each channel of communication better for CCC to reach out to more people. I have almost finished the statistics for the Twitter account and will next be starting on the Facebook account next. I am thinking that the Twitter account needs to aim to reach teenagers or the youth and young adults at CCC since research states that age range uses Twitter more. The Facebook account will most likely be aimed towards the adults at CCC since research states that is the channel of social that age group uses the most. I am excited to finish up the statistics for both channels of social media for CCC so that they can be more efficient in their posts and reach more members of the church as well as people in the community.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Entering New Territory

This past week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I took on a few different tasks that I am not as familiar with as I am with the Micah’s Promise Project. As far as Micah’s Promise is concerned, I met with the Micah’s Promise Board, discussed different themes for the Micah’s Promise Website with Allen Allnoch, and edited the website in it’s new theme. The tasks that were/still are unfamiliar to me were researching social media platforms, researched web designs/how to make them better, and I learned how to make and print the church bulletins. Some of those tasks may not seem to be very exciting, but I absolutely loved it all.

Meeting with the Micah’s Promise Board was enlightening and not as “scary” as I imagined it would be. Attending that meeting allowed me to understand more of why Micah’s Promise is such an important project and what the hearts behind it look like. The board liked what I had done with website as far as content was concerned and I will be receiving more content in a meeting on September 22. We all agreed that a custom upgrade is needed to enhance the site further and that the initial theme of the website needed to change. I met with Allen Allnoch on Thursday and we decided on a new website theme, which is better for the project, but the editing in this theme will take a little getting used to. This is the current header picture being used.


The other tasks I completed were unfamiliar to me, but I found them pretty interesting. I am researching social media platforms to help choose one or two for CCC to be a part of and will then produce a weekly posting schedule for them.  I researched web designing and what content to include above and below the fold in order to be most productive. My favorite task was learning how to make and print the church bulletins. The bulletins are created in InDesign, which I am learning in my Interactive Media Production. It was neat to see how they are typed up and printed off and I took pages and pages of notes while learning this. I am excited for what this next week will bring.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Moving Forward

This week at Christ Community Church (CCC) has been very exciting for me. I finally got to begin putting some content into the website for Micah’s Promise. I have run into a few minor issues with designing the website due to the need for a custom design upgrade. I will be presenting the need for an upgrade for the website tomorrow to the Micah’s Promise Board of Directors. I am excited to be meeting with them and presenting the website thus far. I do know that there will be much more content thrown my way to put into the website and I’m sure the current design will need to change too. I am a little anxious because I have spent a good amount of time on the website, but the website ultimately is about what the Micah’s Promise Board wants and what will work best for them. My favorite picture on the website currently is a photo that I feel captures the heart of who can be caught up in human trafficking and why Micah’s Promise is a way to help these people.


Since I have done all that I can for the website, until I meet with the board and am given further instruction, I have moved on to my second ‘assignment’ for CCC. My second assignment is to, “Research social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc and make written recommendations for which ones CCC needs to be a part of, and how CCC should use these channels of social media. Create a weekly posting schedule for each channel of social media that CCC should be a part of.” I have read and am currently reading through research and have learned that what is posted on social media is important and that a church should have one month’s amount of postings ready in advance.