Young Professionals – Website Update


I recently, over the summer, learned how to write HTML and CSS. As an intern with the Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals, I thought updating the website would be an easy enough task. I was wrong… This wasn’t due to my misunderstanding of HTML or CSS but it was due to my lack of knowledge of WordPress websites. Writing code in WP is not as easy as inputting data. There are some areas that do allow you to insert code but as you get into the intricate information, such as, links opening up new tabs (or windows) that allow you to remain on the same, previous page while allowing you to move on to a new site. Many of this information was not available to the Chamber employees because they outsource their website creation to a 3rd party marketing company. wplogoblue-stacked-rgbSo I relied on YouTube to supplement the learning that I needed to maneuver to the information I needed to accomplish. I also went through all of the pages and ensured every one was working properly. It was a task I thought would take no longer then 30 minutes which ended up taking me 2 days to complete. It is no fault of the chambers because they are doing a great job on everything they put their hands on; some things just fall at the wayside and this just so happened to be the situation. The website is currently up to date and running smoothly! Check it out! Click Here! Also, If you are a professional, or anyone between the ages of 21 – 40 you should consider joining. It is a great opportunity to be a part of a professional organization that helps you gain valuable skills and is a great networking opportunity.

The Beginning of My Journey – Symone Grady


The beginning of my journey with the CSU internship began as a bumpy ride. However, when faced with obstacles, overcoming them makes us stronger and wiser.  Dr. Gibson introduced the option of being an Intern at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, I was thrilled. Dr. Gibson explained to me that this is a very high prestige site and that the organization was seeking a student with strong writing and social media management skills. After conversing with my previous and current professors, Dr. Gibson felt as though I would be a great candidate for the position.

Each of the upper level classes that I have taken at CSU will help me succeed as an Intern at the Chamber of Commerce. The primary skills that I have acquired which will be used to my advantage include group communication skills, interpersonal communication skills, writing skills, public speaking skills, social media management skills, and listening skills.

This internship, like any other student’s internship, is a great experience to use the techniques and skills that have been learned in the classroom, and apply them to the real work force. I will use this internship as a means for networking as well as learning and understanding techniques that I may use in future and present endeavors.

I currently have a meeting with the Senior Vice President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on Friday February 7, 2014 to discuss my responsibilities and duties as an Intern as well as scheduling. I cannot wait to officially begin my journey with the Chamber of Commerce.

First Impression – Symone Grady

I was thrilled to finally meet with Amy Bryan, Senior Vice President of Talent, Retention, and Community Development at the Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.  I was a bit nervous walking into my initial meeting because of the slightly conservative atmosphere . However, I found that my nerves quickly began to subside after meeting Amy. With such a  fun and outgoing personality, she has a way of making one feel right at home.

After discussing my skills, previous work, expectations, duties, and scheduling, Amy hopped out of her chair and gave me a grand tour of the office while introducing me to staff members we crossed along the way. During the tour,  I was greeted with warm smiles and firm handshakes . Right away I sensed that this was a close-knit working environment;  staff members are like family.

Overall, my impression of this internship site and all of it’s staff is positive. The work environment is not too hectic and everyone is more than happy to assist me with any questions that I have. When going into an internship, one hopes that they will not be looked down upon or simply made into a gofer. However, I know that this will not be the case with the staff at the Chamber of Commerce.

Jennifer Therrien – Time for Art

The past week has been spent on preparation for Time for Art. This is an event hosted by the Young Professionals. The event is part volunteer fair, part silent auction, and part night on the town. The event was November 7th in the Corn Center for the Visual Arts beginning at 6PM with a mix and mingle and a silent auction beginning at 7PM. This gives a chance for all the Young Professionals in the area to come together and get to know one another at such an exciting event. Not only were you able to mingle with other Young Professionals in the area, but you were able to give back to the community and get some fantastic artwork out of it.

One of the things I did for the event was to  call some of the Young Professionals to make sure they were aware of the event and to welcome them to YP! I was scared at first to talk to people on the phone, but by the 5th call I had the hang of it. It was interesting to talk to some of the YPs and hear how excited they were for this event.

The next thing I worked on for Time for Art were posters, bid sheets, and post cards. I had to create a poster for each agency that would be at Time for Art. For example, I created posters for Boys and Girls Club, United Way, PAWS Humane, and those are just a few. These posters had to contain all of their contact information on them. Next, I worked on the bid sheets. This was a lot more difficult than I thought. I used publisher and this is not one of my strong points. I had to get the hang of what I was creating and put it together. My next task was to create post cards so that people at the event could take something with them. I created these post cards on PowerPoint.

When it was time to print everything I ran into some bumps. I ended up having to redesign the bid sheets and edit the posters because nothing was going as planned. It was frustrating but at the same time I learned how much hard work and effort goes into something so small.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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Jennifer Therrien, Columbus 2 Columbus


There is no such thing as a calm week at the Chamber. There is always something going on that you need to prepare for. The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce will attend the 20th Annual Inter-City Leadership Conference in Columbus, Oh. This event will take place Wednesday, September 25th-27th.  The 2013 Leadership conference brings together Columbus, Ga’s top executives and decision makers. Regarded as the leading “city to city” conference in the state of Georgia, this three day, action packed event will provide us with all of the best practices we need to improve the Columbus Georgia Region.

The “Inter-City Leadership Conference was a program initiated by the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1994. Approximately 8-100 people attend the conference. Every year, community and business leaders, elected officials and community activists visit a comparable city and examine its successes and challenges in hopes of applying lessons to the Columbus region.

One of the things I had to do for the Inter-City Leadership Conference was to create a press release to send to all the different media outlets in Columbus, OH. In order to create this press release I had to do research on what the Inter-City Leadership Conference was. It was interesting to learn how this conference benefited the Columbus, GA community. Along with a press release I had to find all of the media contacts for the Columbus, OH area.

Just like any other event there is a lot of little things that take place in order for this event to run smoothly.

Some of the other little things I did were help Janeen and Amy with name tags and then make sure that all the pad-folios were put together.


Jennifer Therrien – Uptown Screen on the Green: Check!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the Chamber of Commerce. One of the main projects I was working on was stuff for the BIG event Uptown Screen on the Green. One of the ways I helped out for this event was by making name-tags for all of the VIP guests attending. I never realized how much goes in to making something as simple as a name tag. Each company had one and so did each person attending. The name-tags of people had people like Mayor Tomlinson and Mike Gaymon on the list.

Who knew name tags would be such a time consuming job. I am starting to realize all the little things that go on behind the scenes in order for a event to take place. There is so much more than I ever thought.

The Screen on the Green name-tags turned out to be a success!

Jennifer Therrien – Guest at the radio show!

Through these past couple of weeks at the Chamber I have experience a lot of different and exciting things. I got to experience something new this week. As an intern I got to attend the radio show that Mike Gaymon does every Tuesday with Clear Channel and PMB. It was a treat because I have only been in our very own NPACE radio studio.

Tuesday, September 10th, I was able to sit in on the radio show and hear what Mr. Gaymon had to say. The show at Clear Channel is live with two radio hosts also in the room.  At this particular show he was talking about healthcare policies with someone from their own insurance agency. After talking to him, he talked to Amy who spoke a little bit about the upcoming event Uptown Screen on the Green. She also talked about the Young Professionals and how they have hit their goal of 555 members, which had increased to 557. She talked about the celebration they had the night before in honor of their accomplishment. 

After listening to the radio show at Clear Channel, we made our way to PMB where we listened to the same show again but this time it was being recorded to use at a later date. I really enjoyed getting to see the two different radio stations first hand and being behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see what we do with the radio show in the future.