Carlinton “Camp FIT4FUN”

During the recent summer semester I had the opportunity to complete an internship with LiveHealthyColumbus (LHC), the local chapter of the National Strong4Life organization. LHC is a nonprofit organization focused on teaching children the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between nutrition and physical activities. Ultimately, the organization hopes to help children develop the kind of habits that will lead to healthy adults. During my time with LHC, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. However, one of the more memorable projects was the organization’s first FIT4FUN Camp. The FIT4FUN camp was targeted at children ages 9-12 who were at risk of, or close to obesity. During the planning and resourcing phase of the camp, we faced many difficulties and challenges. However, the most challenging problem was convincing all the different organization to invest their time, money, and employees to make our camp a success. Nonetheless, it is not that the donor organizations were being difficult; they simply wanted to be sure that the cause (camp) was worth the investment. Eventually, we won the support of organizations such as Home Depot, Columbus Parks and Recreation, Premier Martial Arts, Columbus Roadrunners, and the University of Georgia Cooperative, to name a few. Interestingly, the great success we had convincing some of these organizations to participate in the camp were due to relationships I had developed previously. Prior to working on the FIT4FUN project, I completed another project during my Community Communications class. Fortunately, the time period between the two projects was only a matter of weeks. As a result, I was able to successful leverage my prior relationship with some the organizations, to make the FIT4FUN camp a success.