Dana Coburn – The Creation of Wedding Packages!

These past 3 weeks of being apart of The Rankin team has been great! They have given me several tasks that have given me the opportunity to use my communication skills in real life. Recently, the director of sales, Robbie Montfort, has asked me to be apart of their new wedding package creation. I am excited for this new project because I am able to use all of my integrated web design skills to create the name tags, brochures,flyers, and I have also been able to visit different supporting company’s in the uptown area.

Yesterday I completed the flyer and I will be bringing it to our weekly meeting on Tuesday for editing and verification. Being able to see my work as an intern used in sales is exhilarating and shows that all my hard work in school is actually paying off.  I was excited to show the Marketing Graduate Assistant everything I knew how to do on the computer. She was very interested because during her time as an undergraduate student she told me that they were not as hands on as the Communications Department. That alone showed me that I am apart of a great department that gives us the opportunity to become familiar with the outside world before we are thrown into it.

 I will continue meeting with different businesses in the uptown area that will be apart of this package. We are not exactly sure what they can offer yet, but we are hoping that coupons from their businesses will help enhance our package for the future bride and groom. Our hopes overall for this package is to increase our publicity while supporting our neighbors in the uptown area. If one business succeeds then we all do!


Dana Coburn – Policies and Procedures are a Must!

Through these past three weeks I have already learned so much at The Rankin. Learning how operations are created has been an eye opening experience. People do not realize all the work it takes to run a business smoothly. Thankfully, I began my internship right when The Rankin was starting to create their new version of Policy and Procedures. Since I came in at this time, I was able to have hands on experience with this process.

My main task during this process was to create the Policy and Procedure for the Google Calendar that we use to schedule all events, follow up appointments, and all payment deadlines so all workers here are able to be on the same schedule. I placed each step into a chart so any staff member is able to use it as a reference if needed.

Now that I have completed the Policy and Procedure document for the Google Calendar, I am currently in the process of entering all important dates for all three of our venues. This is a lot of work, but also such a great learning process that I appreciate greatly!


Franchesca Renfroe – Reflection

When I first began this internship, I didn’t know what to expect. In hindsight this was an amazing opportunity. I’ve learned a better work ethic as well as perfected my AP Style of writing. I’ve learned how to search for the big story and get that story out in record timing.

One of the biggest things this internship has taught me is how to be an efficient leader. Having a team of journalist can get pretty hectic. Every interview, assignment, email-sent is important. Patience is a must. As well as finding the common ground between being a peer and being a leader. I have worked with a group of amazing people who all are aiming for the same goals in life as me. That is definitely the push I need to make it forwards.

IMG_0499.JPG (2)

Another late night going through articles and posting. 

Some days were tough, the workload seemed to drown me a some point and, I question myself plenty of times whether or not I was cut out for this business. Every time I asked that questioned, I knew the answer is yes! This internship has solidified my decision to become an Entertainment Journalist. I love the work, the exclusive interviews, writing. I love it!

When I was offered the official Editorial Assistant position for the fall, I knew I was on the right path towards my dreams. This summer was definitely a successful one. Big things are coming in the future and I am excited about them!

I am happy that you all were with me during my journey this summer. Blogging about the great things I’ve gotten to do this summer definitely amplified everything. Now I continue on my journey as an Editorial Assistant! AWESOME!