Dana Coburn- Wedding Brochure Completion

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The wedding package that I have posted about several times is almost completed! I cannot wait for these packages to be printed. This package will be extremely useful for all brides as well as their guests. All information needed for a successful wedding is including in this package which entails, a welcome letter, brochure, recommended vendors, floor plan, pocket for contract and estimate, wedding party gift ideas, helpful wedding day tips, budget sheet, and a timeline for the wedding from beginning to end.

The vendor list will be extremely useful for wedding day attire to the best places to visit while in Columbus. We are thankful to have such a supportive Uptown Community and hope to offer gift certificates from the surrounding businesses in the future. This list also includes contacts for wedding planners, the top wedding cakes, reliable rental stores and all the best DJ’s that we are aware of.

Once we have completed the package it will have to go through the Continuing Education Executive before distribution is allowed. This week I am gathering all additional information needed for the package as well as perfecting the completed lists. I am excited to be able to say I was apart of this creation for experience as well as for my personal portfolio.


Dana Coburn – Businesses are adapting to the new world everyday!


This week at the Rankin has been exceptionally busy due to several tasks assigned to our office that require a quick turnover. When people think of the Rankin they usually think the only thing we do is help plan weddings, however there is so much more that is done on a weekly basis. We are involved in every aspect of the continuing education program at Columbus State University. Each week there is a task for updating or changing apart of our packages etc. 

Currently we are working on revising the brochures that are given out to clients and set out around CSU. These flyers include, what type of rooms are available, for what type of events, and how to contact the appropriate people. These flyers have been around for awhile and there has been several changes made to the changing environment in our modern society that need to be adjusted in these brochures. My task is to use my creative writing and communication skills to adjust the words and layout of this brochure.

A main concern is that we are now competing with other exceptional wedding spaces within the community and must market our space accurately. It is vital that we include all information that will encourage the community to not only utilize our space, but to also offer wonderful feedback to other members searching for a venue. Marketing is a key aspect to our success here at The Rankin. With several brilliant minds put together, we are hard at work making The Rankin best venue in Columbus.  

Kayla-CSU Athletics- Continuing to Brainstorm

This week I have continued to brainstorm on ideas for the brochure. I think that I am going to try to make it appeal to future recruits who would like to come and play at the school. I will do this by placing one of the younger and current players of the team on the front cover. This will be different from the past brochure because it not only had out of date pictures, but it also had only pictures of little kids. I think this will help to attract more people because the little kids who want to attend the soccer camp can aspire to become collegiate soccer players when they get older, and potential recruits can see that this is a professional camp that has both a mature and amateur side. I also think I will have to create some sort of background using Adobe Photoshop, which will add a little bit of color to appeal to the eye. I have gotten a hold of more updated pictures of the coach, players, and recent camps that I will be using as well.

Here is a link to a brochure that I have been using to help guide me along the way: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/scar/sports/c-track/auto_pdf/2011-12/misc_non_event/12-camp-brochure.pdf

This brochure is a little bit more detailed than the one that I plan on making, but its overall look and appeal to its audience is great!

I have also taken notice that a lot of the bigger schools have webpages for their camps where people can find information and register. This is another idea that I think CSU athletics could find useful in the future.

Kayla-CSU Athletics-First Project

Throughout this internship I will have the chance to do many challenging projects. It is my hope that these projects take me on uncomfortable paths that in-turn will help me to learn about different programs that I never thought possible. After all, I believe that getting out of my comfort zone will inevitably be the best way to learn, similar to learning a new language. Even though I do feel like a fish out of water sometimes, I do get excited when I catch on to something new in the office. This week I have begun brainstorming for my first assignment.

Over the summer, a lot of the coaching faculty within the athletic department host different camps that not only promote CSU’s athletics, but also help the children to develop their skills when they can primarily focus on them, rather than schoolwork during the school year. These camps range from half- full and overnight camps for all skill levels and ages. There are camps for tennis, softball, baseball, basketball and soccer as well.  As an information and advertising mechanism, some coaches have developed brochures for their camps. I particularly chose to work on the soccer camp’s brochure because I felt as though it needed some work to make it appear more professional and intriguing to its audience. This is because the brochures are not only given to children, but also to potential recruits and players who may be looking to play at the school one day. Therefore, I felt it could use some updating because this same brochure was used when I was a high school player being recruited to come to this school.

Below, I have shown both sides of the old soccer brochure. With my advisor in the office, we went over the things that we felt needed to be changed to the new/revised brochure that I would make. Some of the improvements that we discussed for the future brochure were an updated headshot of my coach, the same color used throughout the whole brochure (there were different color blues within the headings), the old CSU logo is shown in one of the pictures, the lining of the words and paragraphs were not all the same, updated pictures of kids playing soccer etc. Our goal is to give a more professional look to this brochure. Something as simple as this can attract people to CSU athletics, and make them not think twice when choosing what camp that they want to do that summer.

In addition, I have been checking out other school’s athletic brochures for their camps to get more ideas. For instance, I have checked out the University of South Carolina’s camp brochure as well as some others.

I am excited to begin working on this brochure because I will also have the chance to use programs such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop. If you by any chance notice anything that needs to be changed please let me know. Also if you have any ideas for the new and improved brochure that I am working on please let me know that too.

I hope that this brochure will help to improve the overall professionalism of CSU athletics and soccer program. Can’t wait to show you what I have in store!

Zach-NPACE-Back to Tomatoes

Back by popular demand…the waah burger and super sized cries. Add tomatoes please (Get it? From yesterdays micro-post?)!

All kidding aside, a busy week. Just finished a brochure design proposal for NPACE‘s new brochure early this morning. I caught a few hours of  rest then I studied for a PR exam. I fully intended on getting some sleep when I got home, but I’ve spent the past several hours working with Dreamweaver for website building. I might get some shut-eye in a few, but tomorrow…

NPACE’s new qr code I created to take you directly to the site!

Up in the am (if you know me then you know this is a major accomplishment) for a Radio workshop with Dave Arwood from PMB Broadcasting , then back downtown for another scintillating  interactive media production lab and lecture with magnanimous and magnificent Dr. Park. Then I’ll Shoot home, snag a shower, and then I’m off to sling hash and bottles until about 3am at which time I’ll get some sleep and get up to study again in the morning!! No rest for the wicked.

My apologies for the incessant rambling, however; I wanted to give you an idea of the speed at which things are moving this year. With the speed at which communications and public relations are evolving, I suppose there is no better preparation for the highly competitive and non-stop world of corporate PR. This profession waits for no one.

With that being said, I need to catch a few winks! Until next time…

Word of the week; Transparent: Free of deceit.

Music of the week; With new/old singer Jesse Leach :  Killswitch Engage- My Last Serenade