Robbie Watson – Behind the Scenes


One of the perks of broadcasting include an occasional, behind the scenes look at some of the community’s Leaders and how they operate in their respective fields.   Last night was one such occasion at Riverside, home to Fort Benning’s Commanding General MG HR McMaster where I got a rare glimpse at this well known leader, who has served during the last decade at war.

Civilians are often far removed from military life even though our neighbors at Fort Benning frequently, rotate in and out of harm’s way.  Last night, I met a mother who deployed four times during Operation Iraqi freedom. She sacrificed four out of her daughter’s eight years to serve our country.  Though I have had the pleasure of meeting many athletes, superstars, and politicians during my two decades in broadcasting, nothing tops spending time with these men and women in uniform who are real heroes.


Jasmine Jones – Fun Week at WTVM News Leader 9

Interning at WTVM News Leader 9 has been a rewarding experience.  This week I helped out with a story about a girl who was caught with drugs at Applebee’s. In the pictures you will see me getting b-roll of the Applebee’s for the news segment.  I also helped to write the script for this story.  This was fun because I felt like a detective learning the information about the case.  Also, on Wednesday I got a chance to do more writing by helping with teases and it was awesome hearing the anchor read it on the news and laugh at the funny ones.  I am continuing to learn more about broadcast journalism and I enjoy meeting and getting to know the people at the station.

applebees 1 applebees 2

writing wtvmwriting wtvm 2

Christina Kleehammer – WTVM – Week 8: Producers (Part II)

This week, I had the task of coming-up with the Kicker for the 5 o’clock news on WTVM News Leader 9.  The Kicker is an upbeat story at the end that closes the news show on a positive note.  At first, I was going to write a story about a seagull that landed on the chimney atop the Sistine Chapel and stayed there grooming itself for quite some time as the world watched for smoke.  I had chosen the footage and was working on the quirky script when suddenly, white smoke appeared from the chimney, signaling that the new Roman Catholic Pope had been chosen.  For the rest of the day, this was the top news story with live footage on every major network all over the world.  So, all of the WTVM producers rearranged their shows to make room for it, and as for me, it seemed that the right time for the seagull story had passed.

White Smoke on the WTVM Newsroom Monitors

White Smoke on the WTVM Newsroom Monitors

Back to the drawing board!

In the end, I wrote a short segment about this viral video of baby seals playing on a wind-surfboard.  It was really cute, and the 5 o’clock producer was pleased with it.  Not exactly headline news, but it was a slim-pickin’s kind of day for kicker stories, and the segment accomplished it purpose as the anchors signed-off with a chuckle.  This was also a great experience for me to learn all aspects of producing a news story from start to finish.

My baby seals story going on live air in the WTVM Production Control room.

My baby seals story going on live air in the WTVM Production Control room.

NPACE Center Radio Training With Dave Arwood

by Roger Hart
Acting Director of the NPACE Center

Dave Arwood, Operations Manager for PMB Broadcasting, held a training session for Department of Communications students in the NPACE Center radio station that PMB Broadcasting donated to Columbus State University. Arwood is starting a regular training schedule for students and interns that are aspiring to become new radio talent. We are very grateful to PMB Broadcasting’s staff and Dave Arwood for the contribution and commitment they are making to the Mass Media Studies track students in the Department of Communication. Students are working diligently on developing programming content for the NPACE Center radio station which will be able to broadcast student produced programming on PMB Broadcasting radio stations and stream the same programs on Internet Radio.