Camera Operations at WLTZ



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This past week at WLTZ was all about filming for the evening and nightly news. When I get to the station in the afternoons, I still edit the television promos for both First News at 6pm and also for the Alabama station. In addition, I performed camera operations for the evening and nightly news. This week marked the first week operating the cameras without assistance. The 6pm news is live and the 11pm (nightly news) is filmed earlier. One thing about the nightly news is if someone messes up (including me), we can record again. The evening news is live, and therefore, I was nervous and afraid I would do something incorrectly. I managed to film both broadcasts successfully.

This past week, I learned first-hand just how fast paced a broadcast news environment is. Individuals that work in television production have to pay close attention to detail. While operating the camera, I was given instructions on what to do from the operations manager via headset. I could also hear other through the headset, such as audio/sound operators and other people that assist the operations manager. With so much interaction, I now know that paying close attention to instructions is a must in news production.


Kelly Hovey- Friday Night Football Fun!

Friday nights down at the NPaCE studio have been very exciting! Since going live on October 26th, our audience has greatly increased and we have had more feedback through the show and through our social media.

The week before we went live, our social media hits were at a low. We looked at the statistics and saw that the reasoning was a mix between people simply not being online as much that night and that of us just not reaching people. However, after we went live the next Friday, we saw a huge increase in activity. Not only were we reaching more people “organically”, as Facebook calls it– we were also going “viral”! With more people “liking” and sharing our posts and actually being able to listen to the broadcast, we were reaching a larger audience instantly. We even had people in New York tuning into our broadcast on the internet! Since our first live broadcast, we have had one more that also proved even more successful.

Next week will be our last broadcast. I am looking forward to seeing just how much more we can grow our fan base and increase our social media efforts! Be sure to check out the show this Friday from 7:30-11pm!

You can tune into!home/mainPage for the live broadcast! Also check out our Facebook page for updates and football conversation!

Zach – NPaCE – All coming together!

This last week has been a lot of planning. At this present moment I have been personally engaged in the production of the new NPACE center’s promotional video. Our group will meet sometime this week for a storming session, to include building a rough story board, discussing narrative, and finalizing character ideas. I think that I’m more excited to get the footage into editing and playing with the different video techniques. Fun stuff!

Last week in the workshop at NPACE with Dave Arwood we learned a bit about the view of a radio station from a management perspective and shortly there after we got a chance to play with the new sound boards and software! Now things are getting fun! Wednesday we will get the chance to check out PMB‘s Wynnton Road studio. We’ll be meeting some of the different personalities behind the mics, and getting a chance to see the “how” and “what” of what it is these guys really do. I had a chance last year to hang out in the studio getting some air time for our “Children of Music in Schools” program and it was amazing to see how it’s really done.

Also this week, I am beginning work on some new posters for NPACE. I have had an absolute blast playing around with the different editing softwares in the new (and might I add lavishly furnished) labs in Dillingham Hall.We are playing with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Indesign and a few others. Ever wonder how they doctor (edit) pictures in tabloid magazines? That’s what we’re playing with all week, too fun!!

I’m gonna have to wrap it up for today, but look forward to an early post this week as excited as I am about it’s happenings!! Until then…

Word of the week; Wire Service: News stories, features, etc., sent by direct line to subscribing or member newspapers and radio and television stations.

Music of the week; Alice In Chains: Your Decision

Post Layne (Stayle)and these cats are still putting out some great jams. No one will ever BE Layne, but Willy Duvall does a great job trying. This album has been out for a hot minute, but it’s still a must rip album (Black Gives Way To Blue)!!

English: William DuVall - Alice in Chains - Ro...

English: William DuVall – Alice in Chains – Roskilde Festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zach Jamieson-NPACE & PMB- Here we go!!

The internships are truly taking shape this week here at CSU! It looks as though I might be working for both NPACE and PMB Broadcasting. I couldn’t be more excited. I have just begun working on NPACE‘s brochure makeover and the new posters. I’m sure I will be in the studios helping with the new sound proofing and decorating (always gotta look good!).

I’m hoping that I hear more this week about my possible roll at PMB Broadcasting and the opportunity to work with both Dave Arwood and Chris Chaos along with all the faculty here in the Communications department. I don’t think I could ask for a cooler internship than to work between our new broadcast elements here at CSU and the premier radio broadcasting company in the area, not to mention the experience gained working with these two power houses.

This week I’ll be focusing on defining my roll with PMB, working on the NPACE brochure revamp and poster, and I hope we’ll be shooting some pictures and video for all the portions of NPACE‘s campaign. And as I mentioned before, sound proofing the studios, beautification, organization of the new facilities and generally trying to keep busy and not be useless until we define my function for both entities. Until next time…

Word of the Week: Garrulous – Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.

Music of the Week: Nothing new, but the voice on this guy is amazing!!