Cory Veal – Boys & Girls Club

I am so grateful that I’m being challenged once again at the Boys & Girls Club. As I’ve mentioned before the clubs are renovating their website among other things to give the club a new look and gain more involvement from the community, staff and parents.

My job will be to control the newsroom tab on the website.  With this i will add news releases, and coverage on recent events at the club. As of right now I am prepping a news release to inform the public of the websites launch date and further detail into its new existence.

Here a few examples of what my future work will appear as on the website.



Cory Veal – Accomplished

This week at the Boys & Girls Club I received great news. I was informed my first news release was picked up by the Ledger Enquirer. Not only was it picked up, it made it to the the Sunday paper on the second page! The news release was centered around the Youth of the Year announcement and the young lady’s advancement to compete in Atlanta.  I am very proud and hope to send out another news release soon.


 I feel I have a learned a lot so far in both my internships. While at the Boys & Girls Club I am experiencing a lot of PR work and at the NPACE center  a lot of media production. We are winding down to the last month of school for this semester and I hope my internships continues to help me grow professionally.