CSU Sports Talk, Take Two, Derek Bailey

This week on CSU sports Talk we had a couple of different segments, we had Dean Sando , men’s basketball assistant coach, and a member from CSU stacked Golf Team, and when I say Stacked I mean stacked!!

CSU Golf

CSU Golf

The Golf team, much like baseball and tennis teams are off to a sizzling hot start and are a team you should most definitely keep your eye on in the future!!


After having Matt Gay do a special interview with the Golf Team, I got to do what I do best, sit down and talk basketball with Men’s basketball assistant coach, Dean Sando. It was great having played for Sando as a player and now getting to interview him about the culture of Columbus State and where its heading in the future it kind of put a certain warmth in my heart to see some one who cares about players and the program as much as I do.

Coach Sando

Coach Sando


I know the semester is coming to an end guys but please stay tuned cause we still have more to come!!


Check Out The Friday Night Sports Focus – Eric Barnhardt

Host - Derek Bailey Host - Matthew Gay

On Friday I decided to stop by the NPACE Center to get a live look at the all new Friday Night Sports Focus radio show produced by Columbus State University student Mark Madden along with new hosts Matthew Gay and Derek Bailey. I wanted to get an up close and personal experience as it was my first time attending an actual live radio show. I can honestly say my experience was incredible. The hosts Matt and Derek gave me a couple of on air shout-outs  as well as gave an opportunity to speak (though I turned it down because I let the professionals do their job while I stayed in my lane). I definitely encourage all CSU students visit the radio show and observe the professionalism and hard work mixed with some good ol’ humor and fun from our very own Columbus State University students. I now have a better understanding of what it takes to produce a quality radio show.

 Mark Maddenderek_and_matt_radio_show

Be sure to tune in from 8pm – 11pm every Friday:

  • 99.7 FM
  • 1420 AM