ArtBeat Radio, Arts in the Heart of Columbus!

Artbeat to me, is the life of Columbus. For two weeks, people come together and express themselves through their art. Me being originally from Augusta, Georgia I know of festivals like this such as Arts in the Hear. But Artbeat to me is special because of my involvement in it every year.

This week at the NPACE radio center I got to interview some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Latino artist, sculpture artist , actors, dancers, chairmen of committees.

The key that I’ve learned from working on Radio with Josh Pate is in instances like this let him take over and do all the work!

No I’m just kidding, but the thing that really has people come alive on air is talking about their passion. Having them sit down and explain their life, their art, their angle. That is what really makes the whole thing pop.

Where else are people of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and artistic taste going to meet up and become one for two weeks?

The answer is nowhere, nowhere but Artbeat.

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!

Friday Night Sports Focus!! Tune In!!


Hudson Thompson – Artbeat, NPACE and Friday Night Sports Focus

Artbeat is right around the corner! Artbeat is 2 weeks of the “finest programs in our art community;” it is music, theatre, literature and fine art being put on display for anyone who wants to come! This will take place from March 13th through the 28th; and what does this mean for NPACE? NPACE goes out during this celebration of arts and records many of the acts and displays, then comes back and edits the videos to show off to any and everyone!

artbeat turquois blueThis week in NPACE, though, we got  back to doing “Friday Night Sports Focus!” This is a show that starts at 8 o’clock at night and runs until 11 on Fridays in which 3 different people, Matt, Derek and Mark talk sports. This is technically the inaugural week, last week there were technical difficulties that led to the show not airing. And, after a few minor bumps in the road for the first few minutes, the show was up and running, and coming through on the radio just fine!

derek_and_matt_radio_showMatt and Derek

NPACE has a lot of big things coming up and going on,  so stick around for more to come!

Jessica Word – Working with NPACE

The NPACE Center has been hustling and bustling to keep up with Artbeat this week! Students could be seen carrying cameras, tripods, etc. all around downtown and in the surrounding area.

Tyler and I shot the Sculpture walk Thursday afternoon. I am not from Columbus and am unfamiliar with downtown and its sculptures. This tour was very small which turned out to be a good thing, because the group leader took her time and explained more about each sculpture and the artist. It was very interesting!

After the tour, we came back to the NPACE Center and I archived the footage.

As part of my internship, I need to be familiar with many Adobe programs such as Final Cut Pro X, Audition, Photoshop, etc. In my integrated web design class, we were tasked with creating the home page of a website in Photoshop.  I have worked with Photoshop in the past, so it wasn’t that difficult to pick it up again and create this home page.

My group is working together to create a website for CONTACT, which is also an NPACE Center partner. Our plan is to create a potential website which they will then implement with the help of the NPACE Center.


Charissee McKee- Social Media

I am learning the ends and outs of social media. For example, how to handle a crisis on a social media website as well as when it is the best time to post an update. I am learning a lot and Hannah has been a big help with teaching me the information. She actually gave me the opportunity to post some statuses on the College of the Arts page so I could get use to social media and how to do  ot. She gave me some very valuable information about actually spreading out information, based upon just how much activity the page actually gets. It was very informative. She stressed that it is best to do your research on social media so you could get a better understanding of the dos and don’ts. She actually gave me an outline with information about social media. I think this is the perfect time to learn, especially with Artbeat going on.

Our society is becoming so fast paced and social medias is playing a major role within our society. It is best to understand them now and make yourself more accessible for companies. They want you to be well-rounded and have a professional social media presence. I am glad I am learning this now before I join the workforce. I was given the task to actually come up with a media plan. I have been looking at the dos and don’ts as well as how other universities use of social media. The article Hannah told me to look at has been very helpful in trying to develop a plan for our own page. I will continue to do more research in order to develop a good media plan. SMO_Social_Media_Optimization

Charissee McKee- Artbeat of Columbus

Tuesday was a very busy day for the Department of Communication and College of the Arts. Things were winding down for the kick off for Artbeat. I was able to get a taste of what goes on during this two week period. That day we were trying to reach local news stations to cover the kickoff. I had to help Hannah, one of our communication students, call around and see who would be able to attend. They sounded really interested in what was going to take place Thursday. I was able to see how you put together a press release and Hannah actually provided me with many tips for social media. That was a big help. She told me about some of her experiences, as well as the do’s and don’ts of social media.


I was glad that I was able to be a part of that and get some experience about social media. It is a little deeper than what most people think. This is a good platform or me to start on, because next year they are going to need some help. Wednesday the department needed help with trying to get equipment organized for Artbeat, but one of the things I was glad I had the opportunity to see and listen to was people actually talking about Artbeat on our NPACE radio. Everyone was really enthusiastic about Artbeat. I am looking forward to attending some of the events for the next two weeks.

Jessica Word- Artbeat and ALL-GA Luncheon

Spring Break is over and Artbeat is rapidly approaching! The festivities will begin this Thursday, March 14, and will continue until March 31.  I am so excited! Needless to say, it will be pretty crazy around the NPACE center as we rush to film most of the events. I am looking forward to filming these events and beginning my documentary for my video production II class.

This Friday, Courtney Mason and I will be meeting Dr. Gibson in Atlanta to attend the ALL GA-ALL STATE luncheon.  My former Phi Theta Kappa advisor from Darton College asked Dr. Gibson to be a speaker at this luncheon and she asked us to be her guests. As former recipients of the award and die-hard phi theta kappans we were delighted! Hopefully, we can serve as an example to students present at this luncheon that it is beneficial to continue on to a four-year institution, especially one as great as Columbus State University!

I received this award last year!

This is sure to be a busy week and I will post some pictures from upcoming Artbeat events and the luncheon later this week.

Jeremy Statum – Gearing Up and Buckling Down for Artbeat of Columbus

I welcome you all to the deceptive and uneasy calm before the storm better known by the name Artbeat of Columbus. Its a good thing storms are my favorite type of weather. The NPACE center has been gearing up to record, capture, catalog, edit, upload, and share every exciting moment of one of Columbus’ newest arts festivals. I had the pleasure of working on Artbeat last year, and I am truly looking forward to seeing what the College of the Arts has to offer next month. Last March was indeed a challenge, mainly because Artbeat was a brand new idea. All the lines of communication had to be built largely from scratch, but that was one of the main ideas behind the festival in the first place, to foster the growth of a healthy relationship between the individual departments in the College of the Arts. To be as politically correct as possible, we are a community consisting of a sizable amount of, shall we say ‘opinionated’, people. It’s good for us to get out of our comfort zones and see what others are up to in our university. Artbeat provides the perfect chance to accomplish this goal, and I believe the Communication Department has a responsibility to use the resources at its disposal to aid in spreading this message. We stepped up to the challenge well last year. Personally, I was able to work on a short documentary with Christina Kleehammer over two weeks showcasing the process Art student Mark Priest went through in crafting the metalwork sculpture “Sleeping Swan”

This year promises to be even better, and our department has many more tools at our disposal thanks to the growth of NPACE than we did 12 months ago, and our team of interns and student assistants have the advantage of experience and training…and did I mention experience? I can’t wait to see what Artbeat holds for us in then next month.