Hudson Thompson – Department of Communications Pictures

So, I was told to locate about 5 or 6 still photos for Dr. Gibson because she is wanting to send out a little timeline kind of thing to the alumni and show what all the Department of Communications and NPACE has accomplished over the last year. This included the NPACE launch, last year’s ArtBeat, Active Shooter, etc. It made me realize how far this department has come in the last year. NPACE really has established itself.  ArtBeat keeps asking for us to come back and film the activities and events. Active Shooter turned out really well, and was very professionally done.


It has been a blast being with this department for 4 and 1/2 years and I’d recommend the Communication Department to anyone looking for a home here at CSU.


Christina – NPACE – Key Interviews Completed

Last Thursday, I collaborated with another group from NPACE to interview Dr. Baxter about Artbeat.  We had a lot of fun rearranging the Dean’s office to get the background and lighting set-up just right for the shot.

This morning, Maggie and I went to the CSU Rankin Art Store to film an interview with Marleen De Bode, the head of Artbeat of Columbus.  I was very pleased with how the interview turned out!  The lighting was great, and she is a very articulate, graceful person to talk to.  We only encountered a few minor issues.  The first was that we were filming the interview during the time when the city workers were vacuuming the streets and blowing the leaves around, so I had to run outside to ask them if they could do another part of the street for a few more minutes so we can finish.  They were really nice about it, and went further down the street.  The second thing is that we filled-up our memory card on the audio recorder, and did not bring a back-up with us, nor figure out how to delete files on the device.  Maggie had to run down the street to the Communication Department to get a back-up.  By the time she returned, it had been a few minutes and the street vacuums and leaf blowers were at it again.  I asked them for a couple more minutes, which they graciously gave us.  In the end, both the audio and video turned out really well, we have a lot of great footage to work with.  It just goes to show that even when you try to take everything into account when setting-up an interview, there can always be unexpected factors that come up.  All we can do is learn from it, try to be as prepared as we can, and when things come up, try to figure out a way to make it work!

Here’s a screenshot from Marleen’s interview:

Have you every been on a film shoot and had something unexpected happen like that?  How did you handle it?  What are the things you make sure to look out for when you’re planning a shoot?

Big thank you to Marleen for a great interview, to Ms. Rita at the CSU Bookstore for letting us use the facility, and to the city workers for working with us to get this part of our project accomplished!

Now, with B-roll organized and interviews completed, here is my projected plan for completing the Artbeat of Columbus promotional video:

-synchronize audio and video from interviews

-layout narrative from interviews onto the timeline

-find a music track and lay it down

-organize the B-roll clips to match the music and narrative

In other news, I’m enjoying working with the video production students and helping them finesse their skills.  I’ll keep you all posted as my project continues.  For now, here a link to a tutorial from Izzy Video about Compound Clips.