Hudson Thompson – Artbeat, NPACE and Friday Night Sports Focus

Artbeat is right around the corner! Artbeat is 2 weeks of the “finest programs in our art community;” it is music, theatre, literature and fine art being put on display for anyone who wants to come! This will take place from March 13th through the 28th; and what does this mean for NPACE? NPACE goes out during this celebration of arts and records many of the acts and displays, then comes back and edits the videos to show off to any and everyone!

artbeat turquois blueThis week in NPACE, though, we got ┬áback to doing “Friday Night Sports Focus!” This is a show that starts at 8 o’clock at night and runs until 11 on Fridays in which 3 different people, Matt, Derek and Mark talk sports. This is technically the inaugural week, last week there were technical difficulties that led to the show not airing. And, after a few minor bumps in the road for the first few minutes, the show was up and running, and coming through on the radio just fine!

derek_and_matt_radio_showMatt and Derek

NPACE has a lot of big things coming up and going on,  so stick around for more to come!