Cory Veal- Archiving and website updates

This week at the Boys & Girls Club we focused on updating our website. We are in the process of installing new software and getting the project started next week. We spent the week learning about what audiences we need to market to on the websites and how to gain and keep their attention.

This is our current website that we plan to make more user friendly.


Last Friday, I also sent out my first press release. This is very exciting and I hope it gets picked up soon from our local media outlets.

My time in the NPACE  center has been centered around Artbeat. I spent a few hours archiving footage that had been shot from the previous events. Professor Hart taught me how to archive and it was a little different for me since I was taught to archive footage from a dock as opposed a camera, which is how it is done in the NPACE center. I hope to continue to learn in the NPACE center and put my knowledge to use in my upcoming semesters.


Charissee McKee-Archiving

As things have calmed down a little bit from the NPACE center launch, I have found myself helping wherever it is needed. I had to do a lot of file work yesterday, but today I was able to get a little taste of video production.

As I was watching the videos, I realized it takes a lot of work when you are trying to produce a solid video. It is more than just pointing the camera. You have to worry about lighting, angles and just overall trying to get a good shot. Editing is very time consuming. You worry about if you want something to fade in or out, what needs to be taken out and what is good footage. Today, I helped archive  footage of the Youth Orchestra. It was very time consuming. Every Wednesday I intern from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and archiving took up most of my time today. I will have to say it taught me to be patient. I thought that it would not take that long, but I learned that it actually archives in real time, minute by minute. Most of the footage was from about 35- 60 minutes long.


I would be interested in taking video production I after I had a little taste of it today. I am really looking forward to seeing what those students produce for Artbeat this year, which is going to be a pretty busy time for communication students ad the NPACE center. I would love to be of some help ,as well as learn the gist of video production. I want to know about the different angles and lighting. Also, I want know how you can make your video run smoothly. All of these techniques would have been helpful last semester, but I would still like to learn more about video production.

Jessica Word- Working with Partners

Not surprisingly, this has been a busy week for me!

Professor Hart assigned me and a few other students to begin archiving hours and hours of footage from the Youth Orchestra. I was glad that I was able to do this, because I did not know how to archive tape in Final Cut Pro X. I am used to working solely with SD cards.

Later in the week, Tyler helped to update the official NPACE logo, which I then updated it on the official Facebook page and will now be using this logo anywhere the NPACE center is represented.


In my integrated web design class, I am working on a group project working with a local non-profit and NPACE partner, CONTACT of Chattahooche Valley.  My group and I met with Joy Norman, a board member, in the NPACE center conference room to discuss how we could help build a new website. This will not only greatly help CONTACT but will boost the relations between this organization and the NPACE center.

I am very excited to be working with local non-profits and being able to see the difference I am making in the community by working with organizations such as this one.