Crazy Semester – Jake Hall – College of the Arts & NPACE


I have officially began my final semester as an undergraduate at CSU. I look forward to graduating and getting my communication degree, but it is also a strange feeling. I am about to go out into the real world and get a real job. Not the part time food service jobs that I have worked for the last ten years, but something that I can make a career out of and continue to grow under.

For my last semester I chose to intern at the NPACE because I want to get really good with the camera. I have been working hard at getting better with them, but I still feel that there is room for improvement. I start on tuesday working there.

That was going to be my only internship until Dr. Gibson emailed me about an opportunity to work for the College of the Arts as well the NPACE. I was skeptical at first, but after sitting down with Dr. McCollough and discussing it further I felt that it was a great opportunity. So I took on that job as well.

So far it has been great at the College of the Arts. I have been in discussions all week about getting advertisements for upcoming COA events placed in both the Ledger-Enquirer and Georgia Public Radio. My boss, Rex Whiddon, and I discussed other things that he will need my help on, and it looks like I will certainly have an entertaining and valuable final semester at CSU.


Brandon Lashley – Steeplechasing Fort Benning


Hello all! I know it has been a while since my last post but Midterms cannot be forgotten. I know you all are DYING to know what the Steeplechase has been up to. Over the past 2 weeks the advertising everywhere began as of October 1st. I myself have seen a few commercials and am proud of them because I was a part of it. I know it sounds petty but being a part of something of this importance is a big deal!

The military end is doing great! We began our advertising and it is heavy. This is not to say we are suckering the military into going to the event, however it is a great family event that will definitely be a great time. Not to mention the tickets for military is discounted; 16 for infield tickets, 16 for car passes, and anything else is 10% off, not to mention kids 6 & under get in free! Some of the advertising we are doing is on the MWR website with a digital flyer and on the event calendar. There is a marquee outside the Postal Exchange (PX) but Kim (My Boss) decided against it deciding to have that for next year. Our 30 second TV commercial will also be used to advertise within stores and restaurants  on base, such as Subway, so as Soldiers stand in line for any reason they will be able to see our event. Being the first year reaching out to the military of this magnitude, branding will be very important.

I also went to a very nice dinner with key people of the Steeplechase with guests that have helped us tremendously in our efforts for the steeplechase: Dr. Timothy Mescon, Columbus State University‘s ¬†President, as well as Fort Benning‘s Base General, Major General H.R. McMasters. I was very honored to be there with these men.

As far as the CSU Advertising is concerned the Campaigns team has made a lot of progress, from finishing the College Corner flyers to visiting neighboring universities to advertise the event and the Universities own area.

That is all for now.

Brandon Lashley – The Excitement is Building

post01062012-092052_601018_dataThis has been a great week for Steeplechase. We have a commercial and distributed it to the local television stations to begin advertising. We also met with the MWR Marketing Director to begin the advertising campaign on FortBenning. We will be taking the commercial that is sent to the television stations and have them play it on their advertising televisions in the various stores on base. The CSU Campaigns team has been working on advertising for the CSU campus and College Corner. As we get closer to the event I can start to see the excitement building up and it is infectious! I will be working the event but I am excited to be there.