And the winner is…

Campaign Slogan

   Candidates very often have more than one consultant when it comes to making major decisions about the direction of a campaign.  In addition to a professional public relations specialist, there are paid political consultants,  volunteers and well-meaning supporters available to offer input and feedback for any occasion so when it comes to bouncing ideas around it’s important I think not to get your feelings hurt if somebody has a better idea.

By the same token, it’s also very rewarding when the team likes your idea.

When Team Roslund started kicking around ideas about a campaign slogan I listened carefully to repeated messages. He wants to represent Teachers. They’re getting the shaft, some in the group suggested.  He wants to represent Veterans. We’re not delivering on our promise to care for them another member said. The candidate himself spoke of his desire to represent all people in his Senate District, regardless of political affiliation or sexual orientation.

A slogan should be something simple, easy to remember, catchy AND look great as a cover photo on Facebook. Alliteration is always helpful too so I came up with a short list of suggestions. “Roslund Represents” was the obvious choice to me and the campaign staff agreed.  I must admit….it sure does look good. Boom!

Roslund Represents

Chasing a dream…


I’ve spent my entire career in broadcasting and wanted to try something new that would prepare me for my next life in Public Relations work. A local candidate for State Senate, Brian Roslund,  approached me about taking on the role of press secretary and I must say it sounded pretty inviting. I always marvel at how the top dogs in that field operate. Think Robert Gibbs and Ari Fleischer to name a few.

The job is extremely demanding because much like the news business, being a press secretary requires your attention 24/7. Aside from handling media coverage and press releases, one must stay on top of the game devoting around the clock coverage of the issues and patrolling social media for misinformation, And it can be very time consuming. I’m EXHAUSTED but as my 9 year old would say YOLO !

So here I am trying something new and there is always November 5th. The day AFTER the election when I look forward to getting reaquainted with my bed.

Robbie Watson – “Just another game”

Auburn Wins

Earlier this week during a weekly press conference with Alabama football players ,  the Crimson Tide’s star Quarterback AJ McCarron quipped the Iron Bowl matchup against in state rival Auburn was “just another game”.

His exact quote was “I’ve played in two national championships in a row, so it’s just another game”

It’s a sound byte from heaven in TV Land.  And Tiger Town.

It’s the kind of “bulletin board” material that grabs the viewer or reader’s attention and draws them into your coverage.


Thank you AJ McCarron ..

and then there was this..

Auburn beats Alabama in final second

Ah Yes. Just another game in the Southeastern Conference.

How are we supposed to get anything accomplished after that?

Maybe AJ and Katherine can enjoy a Hardee’s burger together and make it all better.

Robbie Watson – Back story

Robbie Watson

So, I made a no frills return to television broadcasting after a decade away from in front of the camera. Below is part one of a two-part series that aired for sweeps this month.

Interview with the General

A lot has changed in the industry since my last TV job as a Sports Anchor/Reporter.

The method of delivering news has changed.

The audience has changed.

I’ve changed.

Consultants and misguided managers insist viewers want to be spoon fed in a tenth of a nano second something exciting to hold their attention.  They think appealing to the lowest common denominator is the route to go.

I challenge that theory.

How about get to know what the hell is happening in the world beyond who got busted at the crack house on the corner  or which self-made “celebrity” is selling their soul for the almighty dollar in the name of fame…

Some inquiring minds want to know more.

Robbie Watson – Iron Bowl Blogging…

Iron Bowl

Iron Bowl Blogging…yep a real Barn burner!!

That’s what happens when you procrastinate until deadline ladies and gentlemen!

So here we are spending the evening of the Iron Bowl together because someone got behind on the blogging this semester.

Juggling three kids, a full-time job and college can make time management a challenge.

But for those classmates seriously considering a career in News…you will need to focus on this critical life skill which I have yet to master. (explains a lot doesn’t it?)

News is a deadline business.

You can procrastinate till the cows come home but you make the deadline or

you have a very short career in news.

My top advice for future news people: manage your time wisely.

Forget about having a life.

End of story.

Robbie Watson – News you Can’t use….


Communication majors may already know there are certain times you have news but for a variety of reasons…you can’t actually use it.

For example, there is something called “prior restraint” where the Government can legally prevent broadcasting or publishing information and it has to meet a strict three prong test that includes national security interests, is it obscene or could broadcasting the material incite a riot…blah blah blah.

I for one am still waiting on the death photos of Osama Bin Laden because I think it’s just and necessary that we see his dead body…

but I digress.

Sometimes there are “juicy” stories that hit the newsroom that would surely catch the viewer’s interest but for a variety of reasons it might not see air time.

WLTZ was prepared to run an exclusive story on a high profile individual in Columbus when the individual called to request the station not air the single most salacious part of the interview.  A request to cut out the very reason the interview was conducted.

What is the ethical thing to do?

The interview would have been headline news that left tongues wagging and everyone talking about WLTZ’s report.

The station ultimately decided not to air the interview in it’s entirety per the individual’s request.  If someone was kind enough to grant the exclusive interview but had a change of heart I believe it is appropriate to honor the request.

That would never happen in DC..NY or likely any other major market but sometimes relationships with people are more important.

Was the content a matter of public safety or of pressing concern to the public?


So that should make the decision easy. But it was juicy and nothing in news is EVER easy. If it is , you aren’t doing it right.

Robbie Watson – An Evening with Herschel (update)

Let me just preface this by saying Herschel Walker is THE MAN!

Yes, the New Horizon’s dinner was last month so I’m a little late updating but I didn’t want the semester to end without sharing this.

The Georgia football legend did not disappoint.

I listened in amazement as Walker detailed how his friends thought they might “catch something” when he revealed his battle with mental illness. Can you imagine that? One of the greatest football players of all time was shunned because of his diagnosis.

I did not see that coming.

Or this…

When asked about his legacy and things he’d like to be remembered for, Walker never once mentioned football. Instead his focus was on largely on his faith and his mission to talk about mental illness when nobody else will.

Note to lawmakers.

WLTZ recently reported the alarming number of people with mental illness being housed in jail because prison is the first stop for healthcare. Two of the three inmates who died in less than a month at the Muscogee County Jail suffered from a mental illness.

Herschel Walker spends a lot of his free time touring the nation, including many military installations to share his personal story with Veterans.  His mission in life is to help others

Herschel Walker: My new Hero.Herschel Walker