Natalie-WTVM-Curiosity Kills or Educates the Cat?

Are you familiar with the old proverb “Curiosity Killed the Cat?”  The phrase has often been used as preventive measure to protect curious minds from danger.

Often time a news reporter’s curiosity is essential and educational.   A curious nature is good in the sense that it illustrates a desire to know and learn. We discussed in Video production that a good story depends on knowing the who, what, when, where, and why. Most news reporters are tasked with the responsibilities of following leads, asking the right questions and getting the necessary facts to support the story. They use an effective information gathering method widely known as the five Ws. This process allows the reporter to get the complete story. The five Ws answer the following questions:

  • Who is it about?
  • What happened?
  • When did it take place?
  • Where did it take place?
  • Why did it happen?

 Examine the  story covered below by WTVM channel 9 and answer the five Ws.

Vehicle fire burns down Fort Mitchell family’s house

Posted:// Sep 24, 2012 12:16 AM EDT

Updated:// Sep 24, 2012 10:21 AM EDT

By Dante Renzulli

A Russell County family’s house was destroyed by fire and Monday morning they are waiting to find out what their future will be.

The fire began in the garage of a home in the 100 block of Bradley Road, Fort Mitchell. Shay Robinson said her Chevrolet Suburban caught fire inside, sparking the flames that would eventually consume the entire house. Robinson and her husband lived there with three children, ages 13, 8 and 4.

They moved to Alabama from Fort Drumm, New York when her husband, Marlin, was transferred to Fort Benning two years ago.

The family was unable to save anything from inside and right now, they are homeless.

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Did you find them?

  • Who is it about?  Shay Robinson, her husband and three children, ages 13, 8 and 4.
  • What happened?  The family’s house was destroyed by fire.
  • When did it take place? Sep 23 09:27pm
  • Where did it take place?  In the garage of their home. The 100 block of Bradley Road, Fort Mitchell, Alabama.
  • Why did it happen?  Their Chevrolet Suburban caught fire inside, sparking the flames that  eventually consumed the entire house.

To be successful in getting a complete story, it is very important to utilize the five Ws research gathering technique. Until next time keep this in mind…Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~Winston Churchill


Natalie – Video Production – Practice Makes Perfect…

Still waiting to begin my internship with WTVM channel 9, BUT  while I wait… I am receiving the  necessary camera skill practice to help me be successful once I start!

This past week in Video Production, taught by Professor Hart, we dove into hands-on training with the camera. We worked in small groups on interviews focusing on the B-Roll technique of capturing good quality alternative shots. B-Roll film allows a camera person to capture extra/additional footage, which is used in editing and also to complement the overall content of the film.

During this past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with The Columbus Times Newspaper. It was a great learning experience overall. My first day on the job, the owner asked me if  I owned a camera. He explained that I needed it for taking photos during events. At the time my photos were taken on my high-speed cell phone. As you can imagine, my cell phone camera was  not professional enough for the intern experience, so I purchased a Cannon camera recommended by the owner. It was a great investment; the camera takes great photos.

Although my camera is not equipped with a HDV video recorder, I was able to record on it when needed. I often used the recorder when events I attended included a lot of speaking. I would record portions of  the speakers speech as  a reference to look back on.

The newspaper  and television broadcasting business are similar in that as an intern working for The Columbus Times, I was expected to attend events, interview, write articles, take and upload my own pictures.  Reporters are expected to do the same thing. In the past it had been sufficient to use a team of at least two people, the camera person and reporter. This is no longer the popular or effective way to do business. I witnessed during my event coverage, there were reporters present, setting up their own cameras, interviewing and recording the event or spokesperson.  As a person seeking a job as a reporter, it is not only important that you are able to speak and write well, but it is also very important to know how to work the camera.

Finally, as we all know by now, social media is very important and a must have skill. Not only are reporters required to be familiar with social networks such as Twitter,  and Facebook, they are also often required to have current, updated pages reflecting their stories, interviews, and event coverage. The News and Content Manager for WTVM Channel 9 mentioned that the social outlets such as Twitter and Facebook give the reader a  snippet,  redirects the viewer and  allows them to get full content on their WTVM webpage.

Until next time keep this in mind…”Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill

Dreams Do Come True…

As as veteran of the United States Army, I am filled with joy to express the fact that I have finally stopped “collecting transcripts.”  I am a SENIOR…YAY!!!! on a rewarding journey toward graduation; earning a Communication degree that has provided experience specifically geared toward Mass Media Production.

LETS BE HONEST… when I first applied to Columbus State University in 2010. I was very, to say the least, disappointed. Initially for me, the Communication Department did not offer a Mass Media track. I was totally looking forward to working with cameras-behind them and in front of them. I was extremely excited about finally concentrating on working with media production.

Being as my family is living in Columbus, Georgia by way of the military, Columbus State University was my best and only choice. So you can only  imagine my past disappointment and my current  THANKFULNESS & EXCITEMENT. I owe my gratitude to the vision and fortitude of Dr. Gibson and other Communication Department staff. It is great to witness the continued pursuit of excellence, growth, and the advancement of community partnerships with our Communication Department. I can now graduate fully equipped and satisfied. Thank you.

We had the opportunity to meet and greet with management of the WTVM channel 9 news station. Internship is around the corner!!!! There is nothing better than hands on experience. I look forward to communicating my journey and experiences during my intern tenure at WTVM channel 9 news station. Until next time keep this in mind… Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake-Henry David Thoreau