iNto Columbus: The Server

This past Friday, I helped set up and shoot The Server, a talk show segment on iNtoColumbus where the “nerds” discuss video games, movies, science, and other “nerdy” topics.

I have experience setting up shoots, but setting up the audio proved to be a bit more difficult. We usually have to set up for four people since The Server has four hosts, but luckily only three were able to shoot today.

We set up the mics and receivers, matched their channel numbers, and attached the receivers to the cameras so that the camera audio would come directly from the lavalier on each host. The lighting was already set up, so all we had left to do was set up the shots for both cameras.

Then we began filming! They talked for about 30 minutes on various topics: video games, game makers, and space exploration. Overall, last Friday’s shoot was a success!


Filming at Legacy

Filming at Legacy Hall

Filming at Legacy Hall

Thursday night I had the unique opportunity to film a student concert in the beautiful Legacy Hall located in the River Center. We were a team of four, working with three cameras to capture the performance from the front, left, and right.

We were lucky in that we were able to use NPACE’s brand new Sony 4K Handycams for this shoot. I had never used them before, but they proved to be pretty awesome. They were very intuitive; the picture looked great and only required minor adjustments to the ISO and focus.

I was located at stage right in the balcony, looking down over most of the performers. My job was to film the left half of the stage. It was a relatively easy shoot, but surprisingly fun. We set up our cameras, let them roll, and adjusted the shot as the performers came and went between pieces.

What I most enjoyed about this shoot was the music, honestly. We really do have some awesome, dedicated musicians at Columbus State’s Schwob! I was aware that CSU students had the opportunity to go to these concerts for free, but I just never took much interest in them or tried to find out when they were. Well, I was missing out!

Legacy Hall in the River Center

Legacy Hall in the River Center

Having grown up going to my sister’s orchestra concerts, and later my own, I always enjoyed instrumental music. I haven’t been around it much the last few years, however. Filming this concert reawakened my interest in this type of music, so I have already volunteered to film more concerts in the future. Hopefully I’ll get to use the Sony cameras again, too!

Back to the Editing Grind

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Once again I find myself being sucked back into the world of video editing. Don’t get me wrong, I love editing. I enjoy its intricacies and precision and artistic quality, but I never imagined myself back in the editing seat.

During high school, I was in a magnet program centered around mass media. We were required to take classes in speech, journalism, video production, marketing, and related areas. My main focus then was content creation, writing, and video editing for our weekly school news production. Just four years later, I am in the same position.

During my intern hours yesterday, I was asked to help edit audio for the in-house show, IntoColumbus. This wasn’t exceptionally difficult, but I enjoyed going through each clip, adjusting audio levels, checking which mic produced the best quality audio for each speaker, and cutting out stray and disrupting background noise.

I have to say, I think I may have missed my chair in the editing room these last few years.

First Day at NPACE


Last Friday began the first day of my internship at the Non-Profit and Civic Engagement Center here at Columbus State. I was given a few options of organizations to partner with for this internship, but decided on NPACE because of the close ties to both non-profits and the community at large.

As an intern at NPACE, I really wasn’t sure what I would be doing. Radio? Television? General video production? I had no clue! Dr. Gibson–Department Chair of the Communications Department–had something in mind for me, surprisingly. Once she found out that I enjoy writing and that I work in the University Writing Center at CSU, she jumped at the opportunity, encouraging me to offer my services for script writing, story boarding, and any other writing-related needs the staff at NPACE might have.

After meeting with Chris Robinson, Director of NPACE, we decided my talents could best be used on one of our current projects: The Sue Marie and Bill Turner Servant Leadership Award. This award is given annually to a couple who embody true servant leadership–building a loving and supportive community in order to share the love of Christ and help heal the brokenness of others.

The Arbor Bowl

The Arbor Bowl by Ed Branson

The award comes in the form of a beautiful glass blown bowl, called The Arbor Bowl, created by glass artist Ed Branson. The bowl symbolizes the Living Water that Jesus spoke of when conversing with the woman at the well. The couple that receives this award each year has shown how they spread this living water in our community through their service to and love of others.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to write some of the content for the video we will be producing about this year’s recipients. I have begun to read about their contributions to our community in the short bio I received today and am astounded at the love and commitment they have shown to those in need. Just a few examples are nearly thirty years of service to Meals on Wheels and involvement in a ministry serving widows. This couple is truly amazing.

This project is already showing me that I made the right choice by picking NPACE to do my internship with. Let’s hope it only gets better from here!