Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Player Interview

This was my last week of the internship. This last week I was working hard on editing a video of a soccer player’s experience of coming back from an ACL injury. With doing this video, it allowed me to gain a better understanding of the skills and techniques that go into making a professional video. I also learned terms, such as broll and aroll that I had never heard before. I also was trying to learn what it takes to make a good video journalism story. I will say that there is a lot more that goes into creating a video than I thought. In order to get the interview just right, we (the group) had to shoot and reshoot the interview about 6 times. This is because of learning the mistakes that we would make with the angles, lighting and audio. Also, the editing process can be very tedious. Although, once the video is complete, you’re able to see the finished project it can be well worth the time. I enjoyed working on this video and found it to be a good outlet, especially during finals.

Here is the video. Check it out: 


Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Basketball Season

These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy with finals just around the corner. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to video the CSU basketball team. Their opponent was the Vorhees from South Carolina. We were shooting on UStream, which allows viewers at home to keep up with the action if they were not able to make it to the game. Ustream footage allows the audience at home to watch a live webcast on the internet. While shooting video I was able to use the Tricaster for the first time. We had three different cameras set up at different angles of the court, and the Tricaster changes what is shown on the webcast from the three different point of views. It was difficult for me at first, but then I was able to get the hang of it soon after. The CSU Basketball team won, which was very exciting news!

Here are photos of the basketball game and what the Tricaster looked like:



Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Finished Brochure!!

I finally finished the summer soccer camp brochure. I enjoyed making this brochure because I was able to learn a lot about the Adobe products, which I needed to complete this project. More specifically, for this brochure, I used Adobe’s Indesign and Photoshop. I used photoshop’s selection tool to cut out the soccer player from the original picture. I then had to research and figure out how to transfer it into Indesign. The bulk of the brochure was made using Indesign. Through trial and error, and help from people in the office, I was able to figure out some of the “tricks of the trade.”

In order for me to start making the brochure I had to brainstorm what it was going to look like. I also wanted the brochure to be timeless. Therefore, I kept this in mind while creating it. This would be so that the soccer coach could use the brochure for many years to come. I did this through providing pictures of younger upcoming players of the CSU soccer team. I also felt that it was timeless with the new logo added, which hopefully will not change for a long time.

Click on this link to see the final product: SoccerCamp

I hope you enjoy!

Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Virtual Guide

This week at my internship I had the chance to witness the unveiling of the CSU Athletic’s virtual guide. The intention of the virtual guide is for potential athletes/recruits to experience what it is like to be a CSU Cougar without actually having to be on campus. This virtual guide provides interviews of coaches, tours of the facilities and descriptions of the histories of each of the sport’s programs. More specifically, the guide provides stats, current rosters, information about the coaches, schedules, news about the team and a recruit questionnaire. It also gives Columbus State University Athletics an edge over other schools within our conference and other Division II schools in the nation that do not have this newly added feature.

From watching the process of  the creation of the virtual guide, I realized that a lot of hard work went in to perfecting it. The SID department had to organize each of the interviews for all of the athletic staff, plan the layouts of each of the pages in the virtual guide and gather and edit all of the stats and other information to make sure it was accurate. I say it is a job well done and I was very happy that I was able to witness how everything happened first hand.

Here is the link to the opening news of the virtual guide: http://www.csucougars.com/information/athletic_news/2012-2013/VirtualGuide

Here is the direct link to the virtual guide: http://catalog.e-digitaleditions.com/i/89638

Kayla Brown-CSU Athletics-Study Abroad Video

This week I continued to further my learning through final cut pro x. I made a video for the International Student Video Contest, which is a study abroad competition. I entered this contest because I would like the opportunity to travel abroad to Spain. Through this, I realized that it actually takes hard work to put a video together. I saw this with gathering the footage, doing many takes, watching and re-watching the clips, cutting the parts that I wanted along with many other duties that come along with making a video. The prompt for the study abroad competition was: tell us why you want to study abroad. I started working on this video about a month ago. This video required me to write a script and to collect a lot of footage. I had to gather footage everywhere I went. I also realized how difficult it was to make sure that all of the files were in the same place to be used every time you open up final cut pro.

Through making this video, I was able to use the skills that I gathered from my video production class. This comes into play especially with audio, collecting footage, and making sure to shoot video for the edit.

Even though I am proud of my first video that I made, I still think that there are plenty of improvements that can be made. Some of the improvements would be to gather more broll, improve the interview portion, maybe more uptempo music and how I edited some of the clips I would do differently.

Here is a link to my video:


Kayla-CSU Athletics-Working on Brochure

This week I continued to work on the brochure for the soccer camps that are held in the summer. I am trying to figure my way within Adobe’s Indesign program. I am still working on some finishing details in order to make the brochure look the best that I can make it. Compared to the old brochure, I believe that the new one will have many advantages to attract people to attend their camps. It will have more consistency than the other. This will be within colors and alignment of the sections. I also added a different font and updated picture with information about the head coach that was not provided within the others. I tried to include detailed and more updated pictures of the children playing soccer and swimming in the pool; which are all of the activities that they enjoy when they attend the camp. I made a border around the fonts of the different sections. Although it is hard to see within the screenshot it is present when the brochure is printed. This border is not distracting but serves its purpose. I am still trying to figure out what to put on the cover of the brochure but I was thinking along the lines of have a navy blue cloudy background with one of the current players on the front. Can’t wait to show the finished product!


Kayla -CSU Athletics- Reading to Mathews Elementary

My duty this week was to arrange for student-athletes to go and read to students at Mathews Elementary School. This opportunity allows the athletes to impact the community in a positive way. It also allows for the children to see that college is a reality, and they can become college athletes as well through hard work and perseverance. In order to carry out this task I kept in constant contact with the principal at the school to schedule a time that would work with both the athletes and the teachers. Here is a picture of some of the athletes getting ready to read to the elementary students.