Jennifer Therrien – Spreadsheets and more spreadsheets!

Who knew I would be using so much Excel! This week was another busy week at the Chamber! My computer skills really came into play this week. After the Inter-City Leadership Trip there was surveys conducted for each day they were there. One of my tasks this week was to take the surveys and gather all the data from them. It really took a lot of patience to go through 52 surveys. I gathered all the data in an excel spreadsheet and then that gave me all the information I needed. Another thing  I had to do was create a document of all the additional comments on the surveys. There were so many opinionated people on the trip and some of the comments were a little crazy.  I never knew I would be using Excel so much.

The next task I was to do was to create a spreadsheet of the Youth Leadership winners with all of their information on it. The next thing I had to do was a mail merger. I had no idea Excel and word were capable of all these things.  I am now able to say I completed my first mail merger. I even got to put them through the postage machine.I learned quite a lot this week and am now very comfortable with Excel!

Just a stack of the surveys I had to go through.

Just a stack of the surveys I had to go through.

Jennifer Therrien – Uptown Screen on the Green: Check!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the Chamber of Commerce. One of the main projects I was working on was stuff for the BIG event Uptown Screen on the Green. One of the ways I helped out for this event was by making name-tags for all of the VIP guests attending. I never realized how much goes in to making something as simple as a name tag. Each company had one and so did each person attending. The name-tags of people had people like Mayor Tomlinson and Mike Gaymon on the list.

Who knew name tags would be such a time consuming job. I am starting to realize all the little things that go on behind the scenes in order for a event to take place. There is so much more than I ever thought.

The Screen on the Green name-tags turned out to be a success!

Jennifer Therrien – Guest at the radio show!

Through these past couple of weeks at the Chamber I have experience a lot of different and exciting things. I got to experience something new this week. As an intern I got to attend the radio show that Mike Gaymon does every Tuesday with Clear Channel and PMB. It was a treat because I have only been in our very own NPACE radio studio.

Tuesday, September 10th, I was able to sit in on the radio show and hear what Mr. Gaymon had to say. The show at Clear Channel is live with two radio hosts also in the room.  At this particular show he was talking about healthcare policies with someone from their own insurance agency. After talking to him, he talked to Amy who spoke a little bit about the upcoming event Uptown Screen on the Green. She also talked about the Young Professionals and how they have hit their goal of 555 members, which had increased to 557. She talked about the celebration they had the night before in honor of their accomplishment. 

After listening to the radio show at Clear Channel, we made our way to PMB where we listened to the same show again but this time it was being recorded to use at a later date. I really enjoyed getting to see the two different radio stations first hand and being behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see what we do with the radio show in the future. 



Jennifer Therrien – Another day at the Chamber

Young Professionals of the Greater Columbus GA Chamber of Commerce

As I enter into my second week at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, I realize how much I enjoy it here.  It has been busy at the Chamber with lots of exciting events going on and coming up. One of the events coming up is an event put on by the Young Professionals.  Let me tell you a little bit about the Young Professionals program at the Chamber. This is a program committed to shaping the future of Columbus through community involvement. Basically this is a program that encourages and engages young professionals in our region with lots of opportunities.

One of the big events coming up is the Uptown Screen on the Green . This is an event that invites people from the community to come out and watch a recent summer blockbuster on a 72-foot full size outdoor movie screen on the lawn! This takes place behind Columbus State University’s RiverPark Campus. Not only will there be a movie, but also a band by the name of Sol Cat. Everyone of all ages is invited to come and experience this event. Local food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Since this event is just around the corner there is a lot of stuff to be done before hand. One of the things I worked on the last couple of days was a news release for this event.  It was exciting to be able to create a real news release for an actual event. I can’t wait to write more!

Jennifer Therrien – My first week!

Well, last week was  my first week at the Columbus, Ga, Chamber of Commerce. I will be working with Amy Bryan as she mentors me throughout the semester. My first day I was introduced to everyone including CEO Mike Gaymon. I then got a tour of the old train station. They showed me where all the board rooms are and what kind of meetings were held there. It  made me really excited to get the opportunity to sit in on some of the board meetings that will be held there. I got to sit in on a Monday morning meeting and see what everyone was going to be doing this week. I got a feel of how the Chamber is ran and all the different events that go along with the Chamber.

One of the things I was most excited about was the fact that I got my own cubicle/office, I also received my very own email.

My first big assignment as the intern at the Chamber of Commerce was to write an article about the history of the chamber for a magazine titled “Lady Illustrious.” I was excited and nervous at the same time to be able to write something for a publication!

Another exciting experience for me was I got to go with Amy to attend a presentation at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in the Omni Theater. I was able to listen to Janeen, Amy, and Chris Woodruff speak on behalf of the Chamber and Young Professionals. It was a great opportunity and I cant’t wait to take part in other exciting meetings.

I’m not sure what’s next at the Chamber but I am pretty sure I am going to enjoy whatever I do there. I am looking forward to my semester at the Chamber!


Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum- Short Week

It has been a short week at the Museum. Monday the Museum was closed due to Veterans day so I returned today with plenty of things to do! It was time for another staff meeting today so we attended that first thing in the morning.  We listened to the latest announcements and any important updates that had to be told. After all of the speaking was done, there was a safety presentation done on cold weather.  It was to prepare us for the cold weather we might endure.

As soon as we got back to Ashley’s office is was back to work I went. Since I wasn’t there on Monday I was a little behind on some of the stuff I had to do. I planned all my Facebook posts for this week and began working on the next two weeks. It’s a lot harder than you think to create posts for Facebook when there is not really anything big happening. I went around the Museum and took pictures of things that I thought would make interesting posts and things that I think would attract visitors.

Our newest exhibit Growing Up in The Valley is very interesting, especially if you are from Columbus because you get to learn about what has gone on here in the past. Tomorrow is the opening of the newest exhibit called the Dawn Black Conceal Project. It’s always exciting when something new is about to go on. Third Thursday is back and it’s tomorrow and that is when the new exhibit will be opening. There will be a teens only event before that, which allows teens to come and talk one on one with the Artist Dawn Black herself.

That’s all for today!

Jennifer Therrien- Columbus Museum-

Today at the Museum was a very interesting day. I was able to attend a very important meeting with the entire development department. The meeting was with development members of the Museum board, so it wasn’t actually the entire board. The meeting began at 9 AM and lasted about an hour and a half. We met in the director of the Museum, Tom’s office. I had no idea that his office was so big. It had a huge table just like you see in the movies in it with big chairs. There were drinks set up and muffins that were available for everyone. People started coming and there was something there from each age group. It was neat to learn how they present their ideas and events to the board and see how they react to them. They present what they have at this meeting and then they will present everything at the next actual board meeting where the entire board is there. They talked about the membership campaign that they are working on right now and how well it is doing. In just a couple of months the number of memberships have gone up quite a lot. They talked about the upcoming event ARTBEAT and the role that the Museum would take in that big event. Ashley talked about the marketing side of everything and explained how she would be getting the word out there. The Museum will run ads on the radio, in magazines, the newspapers, and other publications. It is not quite in the budget for a commercial yet, but maybe in the future! I learned a lot from this meeting and I can’t wait to experience another one! After the meeting I continued working on some more post for social media! Tomorrow is the start of the big annual Holiday Open House for the Museum so we have been promoting that for quite a while now.

To find out more about ARTBEAT go to