Jasmine Jones – The Finishing Product


Last week I took my time to put together a full package story, which was fun and challenging to complete.  I was able to do a voice over in the booth and edit the story I worked on in one day. I must admit that this was the most tedious experience, however I believe I will get use to the process as time goes on.  My goal is to have four packages completed, so that I can have it for my tape in order to send to different news companies.  I was able to also get some footage for another package next week that I will be putting together soon as well.  I let some of the editors look at the package I put together and they were able to give some editing tips with the program and they liked it overall.  I am learning a lot and I look forward to becoming more comfortable with this process as time goes on!

Jasmine Jones – WTVM News Leader 9

There is always something interesting and new to do in the news room.

This week, I helped Anna (one of the producers) write multiple teasers and leads for the noon show. Also, I got a chance to work with Roslyn Giles on a murder case that involved a shooting. It was interesting because it was like a murder mystery because we couldn’t find any information on the suspects.  Eventually, we found someone who was at the place where the shooting happened.  I enjoyed this process, even though it was a sad story.

wtvm roslyn giles wtvm car

wtvm desk

wtvm anna

Jasmine Jones – Fun Week at WTVM News Leader 9

Interning at WTVM News Leader 9 has been a rewarding experience.  This week I helped out with a story about a girl who was caught with drugs at Applebee’s. In the pictures you will see me getting b-roll of the Applebee’s for the news segment.  I also helped to write the script for this story.  This was fun because I felt like a detective learning the information about the case.  Also, on Wednesday I got a chance to do more writing by helping with teases and it was awesome hearing the anchor read it on the news and laugh at the funny ones.  I am continuing to learn more about broadcast journalism and I enjoy meeting and getting to know the people at the station.

applebees 1 applebees 2

writing wtvmwriting wtvm 2

Jasmine Jones – Reporting Live from WTVM

The last few weeks at the station I have the opportunity to choose anything that I would like to do.  While being there for many weeks now I observed that I truly enjoyed the reporting side of the news.  This week, I worked with Rosalyn Giles on a case where a police officer accidentally hit two boys on a bike.  It was an interesting day because we talked to many witnesses and got information from a police officer.  During this time I was able to get some practice and shoot a stand up!  This was an exciting day for me!  Also, I went live for the first time interning at the station! We were out in Opelika, AL and where a mill burned down.  It was interesting seeing how live shots are connected to the control room.  I enjoyed helping out with that.  Here are a few pictures to describe my week:

blog pic 1 blog pic 2

blog pic 3blog pic 4 (In the live truck)

Jasmine Jones – Learning the Marketing side of News Broadcasting

This week I was open to another side of the news station as I was introduced to Brian Correll, the marketing director of WTVM.  I was at awe in everything that goes through that department of the news station in order for the news to even get on air as well as the commercials.  I learned how to place logos on commercials for the station, which was interesting because that is not something I think about while watching television.  The marketing department deals a lot of ads and clients in order to earn revenue for the station.  I also got a chance to speak with the editors who make the commercials as they told me how extensive the commercials can be compared to others.  This was a great learning experience because I had no idea everything that entailed within the marketing department.

wtvm pic marketing wtvm marketing pic 2

Jasmine Jones – Lights, Camera, Action!

The weeks continue to get more interesting at WTVM News Leader 9 as I learn more about each area of the station.  This week I had a chance to learn about the anchors and what they do in the station. For the most part, I was with Cheryl Renee, who is an anchor for the noon show.  Most of her days is spent reading before it is her time to start the show.  It was an awesome experience this week because I was on the set of the  live show while.  Although the audience only saw Cheryl, I was next to her following the script and the prompter as she read.  I also learned about the ISB cable and I got plugged up to one and was able to hear the producers in the room speak through my ear while the show was going on.  I was able to get the full on-set experience as I anchored with Cheryl Renee this week.

WTVM pic4

WTVM pic 5

Jasmine Jones – A week full of adventure at WTVM

I learned so much at the station this week!  I got a chance to work with Chuck Leonard  as we went to Head Start Phenix City for career day.  He explained to the kids what he does and about the equipment used in broadcasting.  As he was explaining it to them, I was learning a lot myself.  I helped him demonstrate to the kids what a tripod is and things like that.  He also gave me some great information about broadcasting and the many different markets in broadcast journalism. I enjoyed working with the kids and learning more about what he does.

Chuck with Kids

I also got a chance to go around with Dante Renzulli, a news reporter, and he showed me where to get police reports and how to pick out the most appropriate ones to show on the news.  He explained to me the importance of having a demo with a stand up and a package in order to apply to become a reporter.  We went on an adventure to Americus, GA, to get a story on the lady who won 3 million dollars off of a scratch-off lottery ticket.  This was very interesting as I got to interview the participants in the town.  Along with that I recorded my first stand-up interview  and he gave me great tips on how to perfect it, so that it will look good.  I thoroughly enjoyed going out with the reporter and learning how to make a story work even when you have little to work with.  It was a great week at WTVM News Leader 9.

First stand up