Franchesca Renfroe – Moving on up to a four week training!

If you have ever seen the move When in Rome, then you know the dad’s advice to the main character was always : “If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly.”

Why did I start off with this quote? Well, My boss, Erica, discussed with me my plans post internship. This year, I have a lot of things going on. But I definitely want to stay with I love what I do! So, because of my passion and hard work Erica let me know that she will start the official Editorial Training process with me and three other interns. The training will be four weeks long, but it will go alongside my school schedule – this way I won’t have to worry about missing anything. Since the official internship will be ending soon, I am glad that I can continue on with an amazing company! IMG_0363

This is my “I’m happy that hard work really does pay off” face. I was tired and wired on coffee but that didn’t stop me from getting excited about the news! 


Franchesca Renfroe – Early Mornings-Late Evenings… Don’t Forget the Coffee!

Being an Editorial assistant is like being a miniature Editor-and-Chief. In other words, it’s a lot of work. This morning my boss wanted us to use a new way of drafting stories for the newsroom. The first day doing this took a lot longer than the normal newsroom. I will say that the content that was being developed was a lot better than other days. We have continued this method, and the stories everyone is coming up with is amazing!

Newsroom ScreenshotThis is the newsroom we meet in every morning and evening. We sit there and hash out ideas until we get the perfect stories. If anything, this internship has taught me discipline when it comes to my work.

Franchesca Renfroe – Break within the Internship


From my trip down in Columbus with Rachel Green and Shaquille Wilson

This week is pretty mellow since the awards show is over. We are preparing for interviews and the shift to make the weekly magazine a monthly magazine. We are also preparing for the transition to change the magazine from web-based to print. This week I am actually in Columbus doing RHA training, so I am away from the newsrooms in the morning. The Journalism people are running the newsroom while I’m away. I still have to check my email frequently to make sure I’m not missing anything. It’s pretty weird being away from the Newsroom, life is not as hectic… I miss it.

Franchesca Renfroe -The BET Awards! … 7 1/2 Hours??

This was my first year watching the BET Awards as a press agent and not as a regular spectator. I definitely saw a huge difference between the two. had a completely new look especially for the awards show, since we were expecting higher traffic that night. We were even streaming the awards live from the site so people could watch them online! The team and I were in the newsroom.

BETAwardsI made sure to have the coffee brewing because I knew it was going to be a long night. As soon as the awards show started I was assigning performances for people to cover. Then we had exclusive backstage footage to cover that our boss was sending us from LA. On top of that, we had to cover people’s looks at the awards show red carpet. Throughout the awards show I had to keep track of the winners and anything new that may have premiered during the show.

I was able to glance at what was going on every now-and-then, but in all honesty I didn’t see the entire show. I saw the highlight of performances, and who won each award, but that was about it. Once the award show was over, the work was not done. We were up working to get information out about the winners. We had to move quickly because timing was crucial. Then after all of that I went and wrote the articles for the movie premieres previews that happened during the show. By the time I was done, it was 3:30am. And It had been a whopping 7 1/2 hours to cover the awards show. If I didn’t have to work so late at my other job it would’ve been 10 hours. Whew! It was still a fun experience!

From Journalism Intern to Editorial Assistant Intern

Well, we have received are first set of evaluations. I did not know whether my evaluation would be critical or praising. Even when I’m doing a good job I always think I’m lacking somewhere.After many overly dramatic sighs I began to read my evaluation. My boss loves my work. Now I’ve made the jump from Journalism Intern to Editorial Assistant Intern. The same job description applies as Chief Intern for the Journalism Department, but now I get BCC’ed with the client emails and I have first pick on interviews. It’s a lot of work but I love it!

I also go to interview Ariane from Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta on Tuesday. Today I am working at transcribing that interview so that it can go live on the Erica Vain website. The interview itself was awesome. I stumbled some but she was an awesome person to talk to, and hilarious! I caught myself wondering if the jitters from the interviews ever go away? Does Oprah get jitters when she’s interviewing Beyonce? More like Beyonce gets jitters being interviewed by Oprah. I was really nervous, but with each interview I do I have less nervousness then I did before.

Today, however was a crazy day. With the BET Awards events starting today, my boss is extremely busy, which makes everyone run to the intern leads. Since I work another job outside of my internship, my boss is always catching me replying to emails. It’s crazy and I love it!


Ariane from LHHATL


This was a tweet sent to me from Ariane on Twitter. I was so excited! I can’t wait to do more interviews!

Franchesca Renfroe -Two Words: Virtual Internship!

 When spring semester was coming to an end I only knew two things: 1. I needed an internship 2. All of the internships I applied for were not accepting me. I had the dream of interning in New York while living in an overly expensive dormitory. A girl can dream can’t she? Well, that never happened. But what I stumbled upon was even better. A virtual internship! Now, this might seem like a breeze but it is just as time consuming as a regular internship. At first my bed was my make shift office, now I actually have one on the kitchen table.


I am interning with Vain LLC. this summer. I am a journalism intern and I write for the Erica Vain Weekly Magazine. When this internship started, I hit the ground running. Many people have told me that in the writing industry only the strongest survive. So, you must put on your grown-up pants and do above and beyond your job requirements. Within my first two weeks, I was doing my very first feature interview. It was with Flo from the Oxygen show Bad Girl’s Club. I was so nervous! I’ve never interviewed someone in-depth before (even with my nerves I made it through!)




After that, I became the Chief Intern. Now, I am learning the ropes of what it’s like to be a lead journalist and be the person coming up with ideas for stories, running the newsroom every morning,  assigning work, making sure everything is on track, being on call 24/7. It’s hard and sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I push through. This week we are getting ready for the 2013 BET Awards. Next week is going to be crazy! We are scheduling interviews. My boss is preparing for her trip to LA. We have to keep everything together on the east coast. It’s going to be a wild week! I’m ready for it!