Dacia Canterbury with PMB Broadcasting

Now that the semester is winding down, it’s crunch time for me. Trying to finish up my internship hours and preparing for the semester to be over is going a lot more smoothly than I thought it would go. With finals, papers, and presentations to turn in, still managing to put in time to work at PMB has not been a difficult task.

After returning from Thanksgiving Break, I immediately got back to work as if I had never left. Being back in the studio meant learning more tricks on radio production. A couple of the tasks I did involved cross fading commercial spots for the radio stations, producing public service announcements for different companies throughout the city, and running random errands for some of the radio personalities. It was a pretty productive week, having put in at least 4-5 hours a day at the station.

My last days at the station are approaching and it will be a bittersweet end. Although having started late in the semester, I quickly adapted to the fast pace of the radio station and learned quite a handful of useful skills at PMB. For this week, we have more radio productions to produce, naturally; the work never stops.This weekend should be a pleasant way to end the week. I will be driving the Q107.3 radio van in a parade Saturday morning. It will be my first time ever being apart of something like this and I’m pretty excited about it! 

Dacia Canterbury – PMB Broadcasting – PSA’s

This week at the radio station, I focused mainly on gathering up my Group Communication project members to work on and put out public service announcements for The Boys and Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley! While working with Geoff Black, who specializes in creating commercial spots for the radio stations, we were able to two 30-second PSA’s for the organization within 45 minutes! It was

Imagepretty simple for me because I had done a couple of PSA’s beforehand, but I sat to the side as another group member decided to take a wack at it! It all became fun after we got out our jitters and were able to read the text without mistakes.

Making a PSA isn’t too hard. You just have to keep in mind what your reading. Depending on the context, your inflections have to be just right! Also, you have to keep in mind to lower your voice towards the end of a sentence to indicate that a sentence was ending for listeners. Keeping the same tone of voice is also imperative! After a couple of takes and re-recording of the two PSA’s, we were able to get Geoff to start editing and to add music in the background. The recordings turned out to be pretty good!

Outside of the PSA for The Boys and Girls Club, I did the usual type of work that I do within the radio station. Filing papers, working on audio spots, and the occasional PSA for The Truth radio station and, most recently, for Applebee’s! The audio spots I worked on this week were commercial spots for The Landings. The Holidays are coming up, so the radio station is preparing for it! This definitely means more advertisement with familiar Christmas jingles in the background! So Geoff put me to work on some of these commercial breaks. If you happen to be riding along in your car within the next couple of weeks tuned into either Q107.3, Boomer 95.3, 103.7 Lite FM, Kissin 99.3, or 106.9 Really Rocks, you just might hear one of the commercial spots I made! Looking forward to hearing those across the radio waves knowing that I helped create them!

Slowing Things Down at PMB with Dacia Canterbury

This week at the radio station was focused mostly on going back to learning about radio and audio production. Last week, I was working on my radio voice and aiding in making radio commercial breaks, but I decided to hold off on that for awhile because I personally didn’t feel comfortable with my radio voice. I believe it was because it was all new to me, so I wasn’t used to the entire process. In order for me to be completely comfortable with putting my voice out on the radio waves, I would like my voice to perfect. So for the next couple of days, I’ll be working on that.

Going back to this week, I focused my attention on getting ready to put out a radio PSA for another class I am in this semester. I’m in Group Communication with Dr. Gibson, and for our project, we are helping out The Boys And Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley. We have to be able to enhance and promote the group through different social media conduits, i.e Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Fundraisers, etc. Since I’m interning at a radio facility, I thought it would be cool to try and get a PSA out on the radio about The Boys And Girls Club, so after talking to the man in charge about it, he offered my group a 30-second PSA!! Pretty cool!

So this week, I met with my group to figure out what we will say for the 30-second PSA and during my hours at the radio station, I learned the process of how everything will go once we’re ready to record the PSA. It’s all pretty cool and I’m happy to be helping out The Boys And Girls Club. Once the PSA is recorded and edited, it will be aired on all of the radio stations PMB has to offer, like All The Hits Q107.3, 106.9 Rocks, and many others. I hope everything turns out great next week when we begin recording!

Radio Station Fun with Dacia Canterbury

Last week at PMB Broadcasting was a pretty fun week! I was able to go from imaging and branding Q107.3’s station to learning more about audio and radio production. This meant more behind the scenes work!!

I was told that I was going to be practicing doing some voice overs and breaks for the station, which meant learning to perfect my radio voice. Turns out that the whole process proved to be a little challenging for me, but after awhile I got used to listening to my voice recorded. The more difficult thing for me to perfect was learning how to say a paragraphs worth of information in such a small time window, for example, from 10-16 seconds, while still maintaing a certain amount of energy in my voice! Took me literally three hours to perfect 6 segments of me talking for all of 10 seconds each.

But overall, the radio experience I’ve been receiving so far has been more than fantastic, and has exceeded the expectations I had set in my mind before coming here. The environment is still relaxed, the radio DJs are still very helpful, and everything is going by so smoothly that I sometimes even end up at the radio station longer than the allotted time slots! I’m just glad that everything is working out so greatly, even though I started this internship a little late in the semester!

Dacia with PMB Broadcasting

This week working at the radio station went well! I did the same thing as I did last week, so I handled the imaging for Q107.3. I’m getting the hang of developing an ear for what sound effects go well with certain phrases, so I’m getting much better at making some music samples! Either I’m in the Ritmo 107.7  booth when the regular DJ’s aren’t in there or I’m upstairs next door to three different production rooms working on more samples. The whole thing is becoming a great experience in reference to learning more about music production.

Dacia Canterbury with PMB Broadcasting

This week, I was finally able to start my first internship at PMB Broadcasting Radio Facilities! I started on Tuesday, and upon arrival, Dave Arwood, the man who is in charge of assigning me tasks, took me into a radio booth to teach me how to do “Imaging”. Imaging is another way of branding the company’s radio stations. You know how you would be listening to your favorite radio station and you would hear phrases like “all the hits” or “bringing you today’s best music” in-between songs? That is imaging! On Tuesday, I began to do imaging for Q107.3. Dave sat before three computers that displayed three different screens for different functions and explained how to do it. There were hundreds of sound effects and hundreds of audio phrases to choose from and once Dave finished showing me the ropes, I immediately got to work. To sort through different audio files, trying to find the right phrase with the right pitch, and adding different sound effects to the clip took forever, but it was SO much fun to do something so important for the station. It literally took 45 minutes to make an 8 second clip! On top of that, I got to meet other radio DJ’s, another intern from Columbus State University, and the two different secretaries. Everyone was very welcoming and pleasant, and they helped get me situated when Dave wasn’t around.

So for this week, I worked on the company’s “imaging”! I spent four hours at the station on Tuesday, four hours on Wednesday, and two hours on Thursday completing my first week of working at the station. It was pretty eventful and I’m ready to see what tasks I get to do next week!

Dacia – PMB Broadcasting – The Start of Something New

This week, I took it upon myself to set up my internship schedule with PMB Broadcasting at their radio facilities on Wynnton Road. Upon arrival at the radio station, I met a Dave Arwood who would be the man in charge of giving me tasks to do during my internship. I also got a chance to briefly speak with Joseph Brannan, the man who brought light to the potential internships when I visited the station two weeks ago. After going over a few things with Joseph, Dave handled all of my paperwork and we sat down in a conference room to go over my new schedule starting next week. Although it’s the middle of the semester, and I’m a little late on my progress, being able to finally start this internship is coming to fruition and is pretty exciting. As far as my schedule goes, I will be working at the station 10 hours a week, so that’s 2 hours every business day. Their hours were pretty flexible with my school schedule, so I’ll be working 1pm-3pm Monday through Friday. Dave says, starting next Monday, he’ll let me sit in on a few shows to get the gist of things, while also hanging out in the production studio to see how radio production actually works. There’s also hopes of me working with the NPACE center out of Columbus State! Everything is working out better than I thought it would, I hope things keep up.

Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

This past Wednesday, Professor Roger Hart and a group of students, including me, took a trip to the PMB Broadcasting Radio Station facilities to tour the station and to watch the radio personalities produce their radio shows live.

First things first, we sat down with Joseph Brannan, who is in charge of the Engineering and Accounting departments of the facility. Then he presented a PowerPoint that gave us an overview of what all the radio station did, and lastly came the tour. With that tour, we were able to see the offices of the workers who worked behind the scenes, while also viewing the different radio personalities of four different radio stations for the Columbus GA area.

The radio stations  that were on air at the time we toured included Q107.3, 106.9 Really Rocks, 103.7 Lite FM, and Boomer 95.3. Meeting all of the different personalities was a pretty cool experience, especially the personality of 106.9 Really Rocks ! He came into the studio and showered us with free band memorabilia, including a Foo Fighters t-shirt which I’m very appreciative of! The tour ended there and we were given the opportunity of sitting in with the different personalities of our choice. I chose to sit in with Q107.3 and the personality of the hour, who’s name was Damon, mainly because Q107.3 is my favorite radio station in Columbus!

Just by sitting in the Q107.3 room for all of 30 minutes showed me how laid back Damon’s job really was. I believe it was because after working at the radio station for 10 years, Damon really seemed to enjoy his job. Damon was a very lively, open, and fun person, so vibing with him wasn’t exactly hard. I felt right at home because our personalities seemed to be on the same level. With three computers and a microphone sitting before him, Damon showed me how to operate the whole radio system for that station. One computer showed how to cue songs for the hour; Damon was completely in charge of what songs played for the next 12 hours. One computer was for tools to use during radio shows, such as celebrity voice overs and pre-recorded recordings for the hourly shows, among other things. The last computer was for Damon to use at his leisure, usually checking for emails coming into PMB Broadcasting.

The most important thing I was able to accomplish while at the radio station, was talking to Joseph Brannan about a potential internship. Since I haven’t been able to start my internship at PMB Broadcasting yet, talking to Joseph was pretty vital. He shared with us that there were many open opportunities for students to intern there, so applying wouldn’t have been an issue. That was probably the most exciting part of the whole visit, being able to physically speak with Joseph about me starting. Good news is, he says I should be up and running as intern as soon as next week!

Hopefully everything falls through. I’m more than ready to start working with PMB Broadcasting!

Dacia – PMB Broadcasting

As I wait to start my internship as a radio intern with PMB Broadcasting, I tend to sit back and think where this opportunity may or may not lead me. The outcome in which I’m aiming for, is receiving a good amount of knowledge on the inner workings of radio in case one day, I would want to share my talents with a local radio station in my city as a hobby. I believe that having that knowledge would be vital in pursuing a career being a radio jockey, or a radio technician. The outcome I don’t want, is possibly not going anywhere with this new found knowledge. Having the talent to do something just to have it is obviously different than having the knowledge and using it for a greater purpose. I’m hoping that this opportunity doesn’t just slide by and run stale.


Waiting to start an internship is more nerve wracking than actually starting it. Not knowing what you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it, and how often you’ll be working is the worst part.

The internship that is in the process of being set up for me is a PMB Social Media internship in which I will be dealing with radio.

How will it affect my current schedule? I’m currently doing a fifteen credit hour semester while seeking a job, with extracurricular activities to attend. Two classes out of those five already have their own class projects that require a lot of time and attention. How will I balance all of this and still achieve an outstanding grade in all of my courses? I guess time management will become my best friend, huh? Not exactly a tough schedule, but for someone who has been going through the semesters without much of a strenuous schedule, this will be  new challenge for me.