Chasity Cook – Remember to READ!

Throughout my time here at St. Francis I realize how imperative it is to read the daily paper. Especially when it pertains to your organization or a competitor. My daily task is getting the newspaper and going through it just check and see if our ads were placed correctly and to be sure there were no upset doctors, patients, or families. Also if there were any positive comments about St. Francis we would like to see those as well. It is important to stay on top of the organizations public image whether it is good or bad. Either way there is always going to be room for improvement. Luckily, I work for a great place and there have been no bad reports in the news. Since the opening of the new women’s facility in coming very soon there have been lots of positive stories about the childbirth classes. There have also been stories about the babysitting certification classes.

As I have learned in my PR classes this one of the most important things I will do to start my day as a PR practitioner, as well as searching the internet for different stories and remarks. This internship is truly showing me the real world of community relations, PR, and marketing.


Chasity Cook – Time Capsule Event!

photo 3

On September 17th St. Francis placed a time capsule inside of the new Butler Pavilion to be open in 25 years! I was super excited to be apart of this occasion by collecting the letters and supplies from the doctors, nurses, dietitians, and anyone who worked at St.Francis. The time capsule had everything from construction hats, to business

cards, also there were letters written from individuals that work at the hospital. While this event took place it dawned on me that I will be 47 years old when they open this time capsule. Hopefully, I wont be far away so that I can be apart of the unveiling.

St. Francis

At this event I was able to shadow the community relations team on set up, photography, and welcoming the media. After this event I commend all photographers for the great shots they get at these events with lots of people. Seeing the set us and how the community relations department worked as a team to set this up was absolutely great. I am truly a proud intern of St. Francis Hospital.

Chasity Cook – Construction Almost Finished!

photo 2

After months of construction, the St. Francis Women’s Hospital is almost finished. I have met a lot of the new physicians that are preparing to serve the new mom’s in the OB/GYN center. At this current time many of the doctors have moved into their new offices and are ready to go. During my tour of the Women’s facility I was able to see all of the construction as well as the strenuous amounts of PR work that go into this project. There are signs that must have correct lettering as well as the logo must be absolutely perfect. Also, we not only does St. Francis serve there patients but you must make sure the employees and physicians are happy as well. So far it seems as though the OB/GYN doctors are loving what they see and experience and my hope for St. Francis is that the positive things continue!

In the picture above I am standing in one of the conference rooms as it’s being worked on.  Safety first as St. Francis! always wear your hard hat and vest!)

Chasity Cook – August’s “The Bulletin”

Bulletin Article

I recently received my copy of last month’s  The Bulletin.This is a publication is made by the Muscogee County Medical Society, and gives an update on the area’s hospitals and doctors office’s. In August’s issue, two of the articles I wrote were published!  With the help of the community relations department here at St. Francis, they make sure my writing skills are up to par.  This is truly an experience and I am grateful to have this opportunity to do some portfolio building in the process. I am excited to see what will get published next.

Chasity Cook- My Start at St. Francis Hospital

My start at St. Francis Hospital has been quite the experience. The first day that I arrived was a busy one. Every Monday morning is the community relations team meeting. In the meeting they evaluate the previous week’s tasks, and where they are in getting things together for the welcoming of new residents and doctors. St. Francis is also opening a new women’s health facility and they will open the labor and delivery hospital. The hospital stopped delivering babies in 1981, but they are now ready to start again and better serve the Columbus, Ga. area and its demand for baby deliveries and OB/GYN services.

During the meeting I was pleased to meet my new co-workers (I like to call them teammates) Jessica, John, and Karen.  They each shared with me their personal experiences at St. Francis both good and bad. Each of them is in different stages of their career. For this I am thankful because it gives me the opportunity to see how they have grown as writers, PR professionals, and media specialists.

As a communication major, I never thought that I would have to learn a medical term in my life. In about a two day span, I have come across at least thirty or more that I had no clue what they mean. I know see that this job is not only going to benefit my writing skills but also my research and networking skills. This is definitely an opportunity that I will never forget. It is time go full force and ride on this fantastic voyage called St. Francis!