Weekend Festivities

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This is the last weekend the Liberty will be showing the Amen Corner. Last weekend was a success and many people are still buying tickets for this weekends show. This week I worked on getting a presentation together to let theĀ  audience know what is coming up next with the liberty, like events and other shows.

I am glad that I am able to utilize the graphic design skills that I learned within the communication department for my internship. I was also given the task to make a new updated brochure for people who are looking to get involved with the Liberty.

For people who are interested one thing they should know is that there will never be a dull moment at the Liberty Theatre. For instance this weekend they are having the play and also the partnered event with the Columbus Museum. So there are always opportunities for someone to get involved and volunteer.


And it begins!!!

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It’s showtime!! Today marks the beginning of the first show of the season the Amen corner. It is bitter sweet for me, because all though I am excited, I cannot attend due to work and being on the homecoming committee.

Some good news is that there have been large groups, 20 and up purchasing tickets. So that means we have been doing a good job at reaching out to different target audience. Also we have been contacted to work with another organization.

This is a historic place in the Columbus community that doesn’t get recognized that often so it is good to see different organizations wanting to partner with the Liberty as well as different directors. I am excited to see what the future holds for the Liberty Theatre.

Getting the word out

For the past few weeks at the Liberty especially this week my number one task has been to get the word out about the Amen Corner. We have been posting heavily on social media, as well as contacting different media groups like Uptown of Columbus, Local Newspapers and Newspapers within 100 miles of Columbus.

It is essential not only, because we are promoting for the Amen Corner, but it can also help us in receiving a grant. It has been my task to make sure that we are keeping up with every posting that we make and if we are posting consistently to different websites.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 2.02.21 PMSo far we have been receiving phone calls about people interested in attending the play, especially large groups. We have been calling nursing homes and churches to let them know about our group rates. It has definitely paid off. I believe this is the 1st year they have offered this rate, which as allowed for them to reach different groups. It’s just good to know the word is getting out there as the show is quickly approaching.

Tickets are still on sale! They are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, $10 for students, military and senior citizens and our special group rate is if you buy 10 tickets you can get the 11th one for free!

Show Time!!

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The Amen Corner is quickly approaching! This past week I worked on finishing up the newsletter, while working on the Amen Corners playbill. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to the playbill, as well as promoting for the upcoming show.

We were surprised to receive a phone call from someone on Fort Benning to get some flyers from us to promote on base. It was good to know that what we were doing was paying off. Just last week we promoted on Facebook by posting a status on their page with the link to purchase tickets. It ended up being effective.

The flyer also turned out really nice. I am glad I was able to effectively communicate to the graphic designers so they would know what content was needed for the flyers. Definitely utilized one of the six objectives of the communication department over theses past two weeks.

Free Food!!

A college students favorite two words. It was an interesting week at the Liberty. I was given the opportunity to put together props for the upcoming show. Get tickets together for our sponsors. Do social media to advertise our upcoming play and oh yeah get some free food from Hooks! Liberty_Theatre

Cannot say no to that. They have this saying at the liberty, that they have many tornadoes that come through on a daily basis. Not dangerous ones of course, but there is always something that kind of shakes things up on a daily basis. From getting free food, to being asked for interviews from local news stations. There is not a dull moment at the liberty. We were able to secure an interview with a local news station, because the mayor is looking to make major changes to the downtown area and the liberty will be affected, in a positive way.

I have been working diligently on the October Newsletter and posting on social media to get the word out about the upcoming play the Amen Corner. Sometimes we have to stop working because of those tornadoes, but it’s worth it.

This week at the Liberty


This past week at the Liberty we experienced some interesting things. One being the “sonic boom”, which shook the entire building! We freaked out for a little while and made sure we checked around the whole building. It is a pretty old building so it could have been anything, but once we realized it wasn’t really anything we got back to work.

This week I worked on the October newsletter which consists of our October show, Fall Festival and more information on how to get involved with the Liberty Theatre.

I also created a flyer for the The Liberty Dance Academy with Petra G and got quotes for bumper stickers, because they are looking to do a fundraiser.

I can admire the fact that they look for different ways to gain support from the community. From selling prints of the Liberty Legend painting by Najee Dorsey to writing grants and now bumper stickers.

Events and Showtime!

Right now at the Liberty we are currently working on the first show for the season, The Amen Corner by James Baldwin. This week I drafted letters that will be sent out to local churches to inform them of our ticket prices. I also constructed a press release to be sent to media contacts like radio stations to announce the shows information as far as ticket pricing, location and dates for showings.

Yesterday I also started on the October Newsletter, that will give more information about the Amen Corner, as well as, the Fall Festival and Dance Academy.

I am glad that I am getting this experience as far as press release, publicity and news letters now so that I can build my resume!