My First Days at Columbus Regional

columbus regional healthcare

Columbus Regional Health

Last week I started my internship with Columbus Regional Healthcare, and I couldn’t be more excited. When choosing an internship for this semester, I wasn’t sure where to start, or what I would be good at. I met with Dr. Gibson and she pushed me in the direction of Columbus Regional, and set me up with a meeting with the Director of Strategic Communication, Marketing, & Public Relations, Marion Scott, right away. I was extremely nervous.

Health Communication is a growing field, but I wasn’t sure if it was the field for me. However when I met my ‘boss,’ I got very excited and realized that I could really like this. And I couldn’t have been more correct.

Walking in the first day was exhilarating just for the fact that it felt real—like this will be my real world soon, after graduation and I start my own career. I was given my own cubicle for my own workspace, and I am even allowed to decorate! The entire staff is fantastic and friendly to me. Everyone there wants me to learn, and gain as much experience as I can.

Unfortunately, my boss, Marion Scott, injured herself a week before I got there, but I am fortunate to be able to work under a friendly, familiar face and former CSU graduate. Jessica Word is the Public Relations Coordinator at Columbus Regional, and kind of my temporary boss. She has been so helpful with getting me familiarized with the company, and showing me the ropes of the day-to-day grind.

It is exciting to see all that goes into their jobs. I could have never imagined what all they do. I found out that Columbus Regional Healthcare isn’t just one hospital, but four, and they only have three (and a half) people working in the whole PR/Marketing department. One minute they might be sitting in the office working, the next they get a call from the newspaper or a TV station and they’re scurrying all over trying to coordinate interviews or anything else necessary.


My id badge!!

It is exciting work; I can definitely see that now. Seeing and being a part of it helps tremendously, and I know this will be an awesome opportunity. So I am now the first, official CSU intern at Columbus Regional, and I intend to do it well!


Handling the Worries About the Public’s Healthcare

Columbus Regional Healthcare

Columbus Regional Healthcare

This week has been really exciting at Columbus Regional! I got to see firsthand how fast paced everything is in the PR department, and how quickly plans and schedules can change.

Dr. Zanga discussing Enterovirus D-68 prevention.

Dr. Zanga discussing Enterovirus D-68 prevention.

Monday, Jessica Word, my supervisor called me to tell me that they got a call from the TV station WRBL asking for a doctor to interview about the Enterovirus D-68. This was a great example to show me how to take action and get the job done! Jessica had to call around to find the perfect candidate for the interview. She told me when choosing people for stuff like this, you want to choose someone who will best represent your company and brand. Finding someone who is educated on the topic at hand Dr. Zanga with WRBL crewand able to articulate great responses is necessary. Also someone who isn’t camera shy!

We were able to coordinate an interview with Dr. Joseph Zanga, the Chief of Pediatrics at Midtown Medical. He has been working with children and their families for years, so he had much to say and great advice to offer to prevent of the spread of the virus.

Find the full story here:


Dr. Deanna Tabb, Clinical Pharmacist-Specializing in Infectious Diseases.

The next day, I came into the office expecting to go to the TV station to shadow a biweekly Health Spotlight, however, we were sent on another mission. WLTZ called and wanted to set up an interview to discuss the Ebola 4 outbreak. Within minutes Jessica had called around to departments and found the perfect specialist to discuss the issue at hand.

Dr. Tabb was able to provide comfort in the fact that if something were to happen, that patient(s) would be able to stay close to home.

Dr. Tabb was able to provide comfort in the fact that if something were to happen, that patient(s) would be able to stay close to home.

Columbus Regional is fortunate to have Dr. Deanna Tabb on staff, who specializes in Infectious Diseases. She was able to inform the public that, IF, an outbreak were to occur, Columbus Regional would be able to handle and care for someone right here.

It has been exciting to get to see how constant everything is in the department. One minute they can be attending to social media for the company, the next coordinating a new event placed in their lap, or getting a phone call that someone will be there in fifteen minutes, so figure out who will be there to represent Columbus Regional. The possibilities here are endless. Right now the department is working on launching a new campaign, full of new logos, ads, and other opportunities to showcase this tremendous healthcare system. All while maintaining and screening everything that is being said-The job is to protect the company, while representing it in a positive light.

Let’s see what else will unfold!