Amelia Cox – CCC – Creating New Material


This week I have spent many hours creating a brochure for Interactive Media Production with Dr. Park. However, I am using Micah’s Promise as the organization for my projects in that class and it is very beneficial to Micah’s Promise. Creating the brochure above has been so much fun to me! I loved being able to use my creativity to create something that can be used by others. Although the creation of the brochure thus far has taken hours upon hours, the work is worth it because I know that an organization will be able to use what I create. The brochure is by no means finished and it will need to be critiqued by the Micah’s Promise Board before they can officially use it, but it is rewarding to know that I have been able to give them a starting point with this channel of media.

I am met with one board member today and he was excited about the brochure and gave me some suggestions already. I am meeting with the Micah’s Promise Board tonight and will be receiving more feedback. Last week I was given content for the Micah’s Promise Website and this next week I will be including all of that information into the website.

I have to say that reading the facts and statistics about Sex Trafficking was not by any means easy. It truly breaks my heart to know that people have to live those lives. If you have never looked up information on Sex Trafficking, I encourage you to do so. Start with Polaris Project.


Amelia Cox – CCC – Micah’s Promise



Today I met with Allen Allnoch and Sara Broughton about the content that I am to change and insert into the Micah’s Promise website. It was exciting to hear that what I have done on the website so far is good and I loved getting more direction on what order the menu needs to be in and what picture’s they would like to see on the website. I am being given much more content to include in the website which is allowing the website to take form and become functional. I was also able to offer Sara and Al more projects, to promote Micah’s Promise, for my other classes that I am involved in. As mentioned in a previous blog, I am in Interactive Media Production and will be producing a brochure, flier, powerpoint, and video for Micah’s Promise. In addition to those projects, I am in Community Communication and I am part of a group in that course which will also be promoting Micah’s Promise. In this group, we will be creating several power points aimed to speak to different groups of people in order to tell each group what Micah’s Promise is and why the organization needs their help. I am excited to be able to do all of these things this semester for this wonderful organization.

In addition to meetings and working on specific projects for Micah’s Promise, I have also been researching what channels of social media Christ Community Church (CCC) needs to be a part of. Al and I talked and have decided that CCC should be a part of Facebook and Twitter because those are the two most common channels of social media currently. Also, we have noticed that Facebook tends to reach out to the adults in the congregation and Twitter is reaching the preteens and teenagers. This way, CCC can reach the entire congregation through these two channels of social media. Next, I will be creating a weekly posting schedule with examples so that each week CCC can reach more and more people in the area.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Entering New Territory

This past week at Christ Community Church (CCC) I took on a few different tasks that I am not as familiar with as I am with the Micah’s Promise Project. As far as Micah’s Promise is concerned, I met with the Micah’s Promise Board, discussed different themes for the Micah’s Promise Website with Allen Allnoch, and edited the website in it’s new theme. The tasks that were/still are unfamiliar to me were researching social media platforms, researched web designs/how to make them better, and I learned how to make and print the church bulletins. Some of those tasks may not seem to be very exciting, but I absolutely loved it all.

Meeting with the Micah’s Promise Board was enlightening and not as “scary” as I imagined it would be. Attending that meeting allowed me to understand more of why Micah’s Promise is such an important project and what the hearts behind it look like. The board liked what I had done with website as far as content was concerned and I will be receiving more content in a meeting on September 22. We all agreed that a custom upgrade is needed to enhance the site further and that the initial theme of the website needed to change. I met with Allen Allnoch on Thursday and we decided on a new website theme, which is better for the project, but the editing in this theme will take a little getting used to. This is the current header picture being used.


The other tasks I completed were unfamiliar to me, but I found them pretty interesting. I am researching social media platforms to help choose one or two for CCC to be a part of and will then produce a weekly posting schedule for them.  I researched web designing and what content to include above and below the fold in order to be most productive. My favorite task was learning how to make and print the church bulletins. The bulletins are created in InDesign, which I am learning in my Interactive Media Production. It was neat to see how they are typed up and printed off and I took pages and pages of notes while learning this. I am excited for what this next week will bring.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Moving Forward

This week at Christ Community Church (CCC) has been very exciting for me. I finally got to begin putting some content into the website for Micah’s Promise. I have run into a few minor issues with designing the website due to the need for a custom design upgrade. I will be presenting the need for an upgrade for the website tomorrow to the Micah’s Promise Board of Directors. I am excited to be meeting with them and presenting the website thus far. I do know that there will be much more content thrown my way to put into the website and I’m sure the current design will need to change too. I am a little anxious because I have spent a good amount of time on the website, but the website ultimately is about what the Micah’s Promise Board wants and what will work best for them. My favorite picture on the website currently is a photo that I feel captures the heart of who can be caught up in human trafficking and why Micah’s Promise is a way to help these people.


Since I have done all that I can for the website, until I meet with the board and am given further instruction, I have moved on to my second ‘assignment’ for CCC. My second assignment is to, “Research social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc and make written recommendations for which ones CCC needs to be a part of, and how CCC should use these channels of social media. Create a weekly posting schedule for each channel of social media that CCC should be a part of.” I have read and am currently reading through research and have learned that what is posted on social media is important and that a church should have one month’s amount of postings ready in advance.

Amelia Cox – CCC – Breaking Ground



This week I am breaking ground on the Micah’s Promise website. Above is the current logo for Micah’s Promise. From this logo, I am to come up with a few color schemes and see which ones are preferred so that I know which schemes to move forward with. Thus far, I have inserted the correct background color for the site, which is the exact color of the words in the logo. The logo is currently located on the left side of the page in the sidebar, but I can almost promise you that the location of the logo will change a few times before it is “perfect.”

The most challenging part of this process currently is having to edit the images to fit where I need them to go. It is very time consuming, but the more practice I get, the better I will become. I am meeting with the Board who is over Micah’s Promise next week to present to them a couple of options for the website and see which themes and styles they prefer. I am both excited and nervous to meet with the board. Excitement comes in when I think about the options I can give them and I become nervous when I think of the comments of improvement that need to be done. I can take constructive criticism without breaking down inside, but what is going to be hard is doing away with pages that I have spent hours on simply because it was not the preferred page. I have to remind myself that this website is not about me, but ultimately it needs to be what will reach the most people.

In addition to working on the website, I was able to attend a CCC Staff Meeting. This allowed me to see a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes and truly see what a staff meeting looks like. I can definitely say that I love the staff at Christ Community Church. They stay on track and always encourage one another to worship God in all they do. I am thankful for this experience and all that it brings.

Amelia – Christ Community Church – Starting A New Adventure


This semester I am interning at Christ Community Church (CCC). If you have ever wondered what communication work you can do in a church, then I am about to tell you. I cannot tell you all aspects of communication in the church because I do not know them, but I can tell you what parts I am now responsible for.

This semester I will be helping create a website for Christ Community that is for a project they are involved in called, “Micah’s Promise.” Micah’s Promise is going to be an organization that helps women who have found themselves a part of human trafficking. I am really excited about this because ultimately people are going to be helped and are going to hear about the love of Christ, and I think that is absolutely amazing.
This semester I will also be helping create a style guide for CCC to be used throughout all of their social media channels. This guide will formalize the text which is used and create a central use of language. I am using an AP Stylebook as the basis for this style guide.
I will also be researching social media platforms and recommending which platforms CCC needs to be a part to reach the largest amount of people. I will be creating a weekly posting schedule for each platform CCC decides to be a part of.

I am very excited about this semester and will be taking on each of these tasks one at a time. I have begun with the Micah’s Promise website and am currently reading up on every bit of information I can learn about WordPress because this will be where the site is located. Allow me to be the first to tell you that there is a lot of information to read about WordPress if you want to be successful and complete everything to the best of your ability.

I am excited about this adventure of interning and I cannot wait to look back at the end of the semester and see how far I’ve come.