Derek Rains

Carver High School held a celebration parade in honor of the Boys and Girls (respectively) basketball teams’ victories in the state championships. As PMB gets involved with the community every chance we can get, we had 4 PMB vehicles in the lineup for the parade.

The lesson from this is quite different though. Halfway through the parade, I get a call from Dave, it’s an emergency, there is no one at the station to load breaks for Mike Kelly due to a scheduling error. The parade started at 2 and the spot for Mike was at 2:30. I had to find some way to break off from the rest of the parade and head back to the station to load those breaks in as it could be up to 15,000 dollars that we lose if we miss these breaks.

So the lesson I have learned from this is, not everything goes as planned, even for someone who plans things out so well like Dave who has been in the business since his early 20’s. You have to be able to adapt to different situations and not be so ridged to a set schedule.



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