Alan Barringer

This week I was able to do a remote for 103.7 Lite FM at the Kid’s summer camp fair that was held the infantry museum. For this I had to drive the 103.7 Lite van and I parked it right in front of the entrance so everyone could see. Then I opened the back of the van up to play music to make it livelier at the event. I also had to record six 30 second breaks that would entail what all is going on at the fair for 103.7 Lite FM. Over thousands of people showed up for this event. Food and beverages were also served, and many Marvel characters were dressed up for this event for the kids.

During the fair I would go around to each table and find out the different camps for kid’s that are being put on this summer. Once I did this I would then write it down to promote on the radio during the six 30 second breaks for 103.7 Lite FM. I also did a Facebook live for the Lite social media audience. The Facebook live was only two minutes in length, where I would walk around and show what all is happening at the kid’s fair. This event was very successful and I was glad to be a part of it. The more remotes I do the, means more comfortable I get, and the better I sound on the radio.



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