Alan Barringer

This week I was given the task to giveaway concert tickets for 106.5 Really Rocks. The tickets I was giving away was to see “Muse” and special guest “Walk the Moon” all week long. How I was told to do this is to tease when I would be giving away the tickets. This usually happened 30 minutes before I would be actually giving them away. Then I would play a “sounder” which is a mash up of several songs by Muse. Once this sounder was played the listeners must call in and be caller number six. After I took calls until caller number 6, I then would record it to play back on the air so everyone would know we had a winner for that day.

The only thing I would struggle on is remembering to press record once I got the winner for that day. Usually the phone would ring off the hook and I would get a winner fairly soon after the sounder was played on air. Once I got comfortable, I was fine, and everything went smoothly. I really enjoyed hearing the excitement in the voices of the winners because they were going to see “Muse” one of their favorite bands in concert. I was grateful for the opportunity to be on live radio and this experience helped me grow as a broadcaster.



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