Gabrielle Bailey

It is week five at my internship. This week, I continued to make and schedule Facebook posts. I also worked with the other intern on sending out formal invitations for the upcoming event. We also scheduled an informational meeting next week for volunteers. We are still in the process of recruiting more volunteers for the event. I have reached out to organizations on campus for volunteers, but I have not had any luck yet. Hopefully we will be able to find a few more. Next week, we will also be having the cast party dance rehearsal. I am excited to see how some of the routines are shaping up. At this event, we plan on going live on Facebook. So far, we have only posted headshots of the stars and pros. It will be nice to get some live footage of the dancers.

Since the event is sold out, we are focusing on trying to get people to buy raffle tickets from our Mercedes Benz sponsor. The raffle tickets are $100, and you have the chance of winning a 3-year lease on a Mercedes Benz. We are also trying to find more people to sponsor us. Sometime this week we will be making graphics for our social media with sponsor and raffle ticket information. We are still waiting on a few people to send in their bios, so we can do a spotlight on them on the Alzheimer’s Association’s social media. Since a few haven’t sent in their bios, we are having to rearrange our social media calendar.


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