Sydney Tenney

This week was by FAR the busiest week so far at Dear Stella. This week we were preparing for our big launch of our Spring Break collection on Thursday, March 7th. The beginning of the week was spent putting the final touches on the products online, and putting all the new swimwear arrivals online along with their product descriptions and images. After finishing all of the online/website aspects, we had to move all the new clothes down, and figure out where we were going to put them. I had no clue whatsoever that there was a method to putting the clothes out on the floor. I thought you just hang the clothes on any rack in any part of the store, but that’s not the case. Mary Margaret explained how important it is to group each piece with other pieces that either goes along with the color scheme or accentuates each piece. You don’t want any colors clashing or that don’t look good beside each other.

Since we have so many new arrivals, we decided to make another release that will be launched in a few weeks. It will be considered the Spring Break 2 release and shortly after that we will be releasing another collection, the Easter Collection. It has only been one day since the Spring Break collection dropped, and online orders have been rolling in already. The store was the busiest it has been in a while. I truly have never realized how important promoting and social media is to business until I saw how many web sales we had that came from social media. I guess me posting non-stop about our new arrivals on the Dear Stella Instagram paid off! I even posted a blog on the website about some of my favorite pieces from the new collection. Go check out the blog and all our new arrivals at!ST2

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