Camisha Simmons

This week we mainly worked on Rave things. I decided to start with doing research about raves. First, we needed to name the rave which why I started doing the research about terms that are use in raves or referring to raves. I was able to find out a lot of things about raves such as they are always related to music that makes you want to keep moving. I eventually came up with a few names that would possibly be good to name the rave but when we talked about it, we decided to keep it simple. We decided this because we did not want the name to limit us to certain things like the type of music. We want to play all types of dance music, so we do not want to be limited to only play EDM which means electronic dance music.

On Thursday I found out the we had the place for the rave booked and a date and time which made getting things together a little bit easier. I have been making multiple flyers for the event and I also plan on making a video teaser that the station can use to post on Instagram or where ever else they please. I was also given the task of making a 2-hour playlist for the rave as a backup plan just in case we cannot get a DJ. This week I learned about the importance of marketing for an event such as the rave. I also learned that when preparing an event like this you should always have a backup plan just in case certain things do not fall into place. I am enjoying my time as a marketing intern at WCUG.

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