Summer Hayes

This week was more interactive than the last week. The Allman Brothers tribute band was coming to perform in Columbus. There was much content needing to be created. On Monday, we had a photoshoot to go along with the content we were creating to get the word out to the public about the Allman Brothers tribute band. On Wednesday, I was able to interview one of the band members with Nathan (OYS Squad member) over a FaceTime call. It was hectic doing the interview because we could not get the audio to work correctly. Unfortunately, we had to have the band member do the interview three different times. He was up in spirit. So, this didn’t bother him not one bit.

After the interview was done, it was posted on the different social media platforms WRBL was apart of. Sunday, June 1, we were all out meeting the community at our first event.  Was a little nervous starting off. But once I got the chance to continue to talk to the people at the concert, it became easier. AS we were interacting with the community, we gave out free slushy and burger coupons from McDonald’s to the people that were able to follow WRBL and McDonald’s on their social media. We also went live at the concert. Shuneca, the overseer of the OYS Squad, told me to same a few things while we were live. It was a bit scary because there were thousands of people watching. Although, it was a successful, first event.



Summer Hayes

Hello! My name is Summer Hayes. I am a rising Senior at Columbus State University. I am currently majoring in communication with a concentration in integrated media. This Summer, I am doing an internship at WRBL News 3 as a Social Media Host. WIth this position, I am working with three other students on the OYS Squad learning the ins and outs of being a social media host.

My first week was a little slow. Shuneca Harrington, the sales manager, allowed us the first week to get to know the staff at WRBL and get a feel of what we were going to be doing. Our first event we prepared for was the “Fun for Stripes” event. Shuneca explained the goals our sponsors, “Kenneth Nugent and McDonalds,” had for us. With each event we prepared for in the community, we have to implement Kenneth Nugent and McDonalds in our content. It was a little rough starting because the “Fun for Stripes” event was canceled. But on the bright side, we created a lot of content that we could use for future events.

Emily Laskowski

This week was a slow week at the Center. Monday and Tuesday were fall break for the university, so the Center was closed, so I was only here on Wednesday and Friday. For the two days that I was at the Center, I updated the calendar and created content for the social media. Isaac is still over the moon that he has someone that can keep things updated on the social media side of things and be able to promote the events the Center is hosting.

In the next couple of weeks, we have three major events going on at the Center. The most recent is this month’s Tuneful Tuesday, which is an event where different people come and preform music. This month’s is Andrew Zohn Guitar Studio featuring performances by students Ying Xu, Dragos Ilie, and Agustin Rosado. Below is one of the graphics I created to post on Instagram using the ‘story’ feature. The next event we are hosting is the first event of David Diamond Reading and Recital Series. The second event of the series is in late November. Lastly, in mid-November we are holding a master class with artist, Jordan Sokol. This master class is a three day class where people can pay to be taught how to paint by Sokol.

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks with so many events happening, I will be able to help Isaac with more event planning. While I understand that promoting the event just as, or even more, important as the event itself, I would love to have more hands-on experience with planning and coordination.EL2

Emily Laskowski

This week, I was taught how to answer the phone and how to greet guests. I was also given a crash course on how to give a brief overview of the Center to guests. While I still do not know much about art, I am slowly but surely learning the ins and outs of the Bo Bartlett Center. Also, this week, I was given access to the website, Instagram, Facebook page, and Twitter of the Center. Isaac was very excited for me to start posting on social media on behalf of the Center because he voiced to me that it has been neglected in the past. I am excited to see what I can do for the Center social media-wise!

Upon receiving access to all the social media of the Center, I thought it would be a fun idea to have a 360-degree video/picture of the Scarborough Gallery in the Center. I posted the photo on the Facebook page and it received a lot of positive feedback, and a couple of people even shared it! I thought it would be an interactive way for people who are not able to come to the Center to be able to experience it in an almost augmented reality kind of way. I also had Isaac and myself invite people to ‘like’ the Bo Bartlett Center Facebook page, and the feedback from that was astronomical. Over 200 people ‘liked’ the page, and we did not invite that many people. I believe just by inviting a couple people it helped the page have more of a presence on Facebook. Lastly, I updated the Facebook with the upcoming events and made event cover art on Photoshop for the events that are going on at the Center in the following weeks. Below is the 360-degree picture I took of the Scarborough Gallery. On Facebook it looks cooler because it looks like you’re really in the room.EL

Emily Laskowski

This week, starting on Monday, was the first week of my internship! I am interning at the Bo Bartlett Center, which is an interactive gallery space housed on the River Park campus here at Columbus State. Since this is my first week interning, things have started off relatively slow. On Monday, I basically got acclimated to how things run and the environment of the Center. However, on Tuesday, I helped Isaac, my internship advisor, and John Lumpkin, a contracted preparator, unpackage picture frames and get ready for the two new exhibits, “Man in the Canoe” by Manning Williams and “Figure Drawings Over 40 Years” by Bruno Civitico, that opened on October 4th. While assisting Isaac and John, I learned how to properly prepare the frames for the art, how to use special pH neutral, acid free tape to create a ‘hinge’ for placing the art within the frame, and how to install D rings and the wiring on the back of the frame to hang it to a wall.

On Wednesday, I continued to be acclimated with the Center and meet everyone on staff. On Friday, I talked with Isaac and David Houston, the Center’s director, about what I can do to help promote the Center through social media. I was asked to go through the website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter to see if I could find anything I think should be changed for the better. While I am not very versed in website editing and such, I am excited to bring what I have learned in both communication and marketing classes about social media.

I am enjoying learning about the art world and that it entails, but I am most excited for the next Master Class session, which is where people pay to paint with an esteemed artist. The Master Classes will be held from November 16th through November 18th with the artist, Jordan Sokol. I am excited to be able to assist Isaac with the planning and promoting of this event and for what the next nine weeks of this internship has to offer.

Chiquita Beadles

Due to Columbus State University’s fall break schedule, my first week as an intern in the university relations department was limited to one day. I was given the opportunity to have a brief introductory meeting with each of the department members. I informed each of the department members of my skills and goals as it relates to their specific job titles.  I believe I will work closely with Kristin Andris, a communication specialist for the department. I was informed that Kristin manages the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for Columbus State University. My overall goal for this internship is to advance my writing skills and learn how to develop content for social media.

Ashanti Jeff-Mapp

Working at Columbus Botanical Garden, every week there is something new I gain in experience. Last Friday, CBG received a new executive director, Stephan Bloodworth. He is from the Duke Botanical Garden in North Carolina. I assisted the Development and Marketing Director in the photo shoots for the staff. This week I made a spreadsheet to budget for the upcoming events for next fiscal year.

We made an excel sheet to find write down all the names and addresses to mail out thank you letters. This is important to maintain a rapport of members and sponsors of the garden. All funds that are given to the garden got towards activities, events, and modifications to the grounds.