Theresa Holzknecht

Our first day began on Monday, October 8.  I met Mikhaela, our teacher, at the CSU news bureau.  Mikhaela had been given the wrong time to meet, so we had to get our meeting time straightened out.  We finally got together early afternoon.  Mikhaela kindly answered all of my questions, although she had a deadline.  I learned that WRBL uses an editing program I had not heard of…Edius.  Therefore, I plan to try editing for Mikhaela to learn how to use it.  Most of Monday was spent getting acquainted, so I feel that I have much to learn.

Tuesday, I spent most of the day at the bureau with Mikhaela.  Abby, a fellow intern, was there too.  With the impending arrival of Hurricane Michael, we were sent to Lee County (Alabama) to report on disaster planning for the area.  Local officials were there for an online meeting with the state planner.  The meeting ran smoothly as weather maps, glowing on multiple monitors, predicted the route of Michael.  Mikhaela was able to get an interview, so Abby and I watched tried to understand what a multimedia journalist (MMJ) does.

On Wednesday I received an email in class that stated all students were to leave the building by noon.  My class wasn’t supposed to end until 12:15, then I was to report to the bureau.  I quickly notified David Hart (VP of WRBL) and Mikaela to let them know what was happening at CSU.  David directed us to change our meeting time to next week, as Mikaela is off Thursday and Friday.

Overall, I feel that I have a lot to learn.  This is a little overwhelming, but tangible.  I admit I didn’t realize that one reporter/journalist did the writing, video, voice-over, editing, and (sometimes) producing.  This internship will be a learning experience.


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