Leslie Bradshaw

I have begun my internship at the news bureau with WRBL. This week is a focus on getting started and getting training under my belt. Throughout this internship, I will be learning how to set up shots, what all is involved in reporting, visiting the newsroom, getting my own footage, and I might even have the opportunity to go live. I am very excited about this opportunity because this is exactly the career path I would like to go on. This will give me the experience I need to get hired after graduation. I am also excited to get first-hand experience reporting and be able to see what goes on behind the scenes.

This week, I learned about the video program that is used by WRBL which is Edius. It is very similar to what I have already used (Final Cut Pro X) so I feel confident about using it in the future. With editing, I was also told what the expectations are with footage and reporting. The reporter films their own shots, edits them, and scripts them. I learned that there are two different types of video submitted: VO and SOTVO. VO is mostly b-roll with voiceover giving a preview of a story, whereas SOTVO consists of a combination of b-roll, interview clips, and live footage. Voiceovers should be no longer than 30 seconds in the VO. Generally, the VO is shorter than the SOTVO. I watched script being made and how to prepare lower third tags. Most importantly, I learned the importance of keeping constant contact with the newsroom as it can affect the program as a whole. This week, we did pieces on a fire in the Opelika area and I was also able to tag along to watch a live interview with the Russell county safety team about Hurricane Michael.

This experience can help me in the real world because I will need to know how to put together my own pieces as a future reporter. I will also need to know how to edit in other programs beyond Final Cut regardless of what station I find myself at. It is also important for me to know the standards of reporting so that I have the basic knowledge necessary for successful stories.


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