Summer Hayes

Happy 4th of July! This week was a great one as well. Since this a huge event with free concerts, all you can eat and all the games you could play, there was much content to cover. A day before the Independence day event, we went to get a quick tour of where we would be setup and how everything was going to run. We got a few pictures and boomerangs with a lot of different statues and the media staff in Fort Benning. We also captured a few pictures with the animals they had there for petting purposes.

On the day of the event, there were so many people in Fort Benning. By the time Lucia and I arrived, there were at least 10,00 people starting out. We were lost in the beginning since the location of our tent was moved to a different part of the venue. When we finally found where the tent was, Lucia, Nathan and I quickly went to work. David Hart told us to enjoy ourselves and get plenty of content, so we did. We traded our dollars in for coins to indulge in the great food they had to offer and created content for the recap. We also gave out Kenneth Nugent shirts and free slushies from McDonald’s our sponsors.


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