Summer Hayes

This week has is the best week of them all. The OYS Squad was able to cover the Miss Georgia Pageant. We had a mini competition for the public to interact in. We gave away four free tickets for the pageant. The contest was for someone to post a picture with their squad and tag WRBL in the picture to win the tickets from our squad. We chose the best squad picture and we had our winners. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the tickets to enjoy the pageant. We received backstage passes to the rehearsals and lunches of the women in the contest. We were able to interview a few of them and get to know them more. We even received great seats for the pageant. Since it was the first pageant I had ever been to, it was an amazing experience.

After the show ended, the OYS Squad was the first to get the interview of Annie, who was crowned Miss Georgia. And amazingly, one of the OYS Squad members (Lucia) knew Annie because they go to school together at University of Georgia. This overall event was eye opening and a great asset to be a part of. All the access we had to seeing how much the Miss Georgia Pageant had to offer us was phenomenal.


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