Summer Hayes

This week, we were able to be a part of another Kid’s Summer Cupboard. Every Monday, the sales department have a meeting in the morning that the OYS Squad is now able to be a part of on a regular bases. In this meeting, we brought up the idea of having recap videos for our audience to let them know what happened in the previous week. The OYS Squad (Andre, Lucia, Nathan and I) came up with some really cool ways to create more content for the recap as well. We decided to take photos of us with different canned food to include in the recap as well.

Finally getting to the Kid’s Summer Cupboard location, we quickly came up with great ideas of how to make more content for the recap. We did many boomerangs and took pictures with the different people that donated cans. We also took pictures with Bob Jeswald (weatherman). It was a lot of fun getting to know more of the community more than anything. People are starting to really notice who the OYS Squad is and it’s a great feeling of how excited they get when we come around to the different events Columbus has to offer.



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