Summer Hayes

This week, we had a meeting with the sales department. It was nice talking with this department. I retained a lot of information that many schools don’t deliver for communication majors (finances). It was very enlightening to see how the station functions through sales. In this meeting, we discussed an upcoming project they had called, Kid’s Summer Cupboard. This is an event where we meet together in a location with different people from different organizations to get the public to donate cans for those in need of food.

Wednesday, June 4, was our first Kid’s Summer Cupboard event. As more people came to donate cans, we (the OYS Squad) gave out free slushy and burger coupons. This was an amazing opportunity for me because I was able to see Bob Jasweld (weatherman), talk with local people, and make great connections all at once. There were many kids that were donating cans as well. There face lit up when the OYS Squad offered free slushies. There will be three more Kid’s Summer Cupboard events that the OYS Squad will be apart of.



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