Erik Warrior

With me having several classes getting ready to end I have hard to work harder than before in NPACE. I have had to make several presentations for my classes. Throughout the course of this week I have used the NPACE center even outside of my internship. The NPACE center allows students to have a comfortable place for COMM students who need to edit or work on videos that they have recorded or need to record. The traffic for checkout in the NPACE center has definitely slowed down due to people who are finishing up and about to graduate.

I have used the NPACE center this week to edit a powerpoint for my group communications final project. During this week I’ve seen many last minute projects being finished as well as people who are just working on assignments that they have left. This week was an eventful one as I got to be in several videos whilst also being in the NPACE center and that was very important because it helps me build up my portfolio.

Erik 2

(Group Comm team that worked in NPACE on our project)

Erik Warrior


As finals and final presentations are approaching there are many people coming in and out of the NPACE center constantly checking out equipment for the last few days. As I progress through my internship I have realized the people that come in and rent are becoming regulars now. It is unique to see their work on multiple platforms that they present them. YouTube is a very helpful way for me to get tips and tricks from the many experienced individuals that come through the NPACE center. I watch their videos on Youtube to help better the analytics for my own Youtube channel.

Over the course of these weeks I have been learning how to edit in final cut as well as the various ways a camera can be used. I also had the pleasure of working in the WCUG radio station here at CSU. In the radio station I shot PSA’s for my group project in Group Comm. I used the skills that I have been collecting in the NPACE center to shoot and edit the PSA’s that I shot in the radio station. The NPACE center is teaching me how to be successful videographer and photographer.


(pictures from PSA’s I shot)






Eboni Guyton

Doing this internship has giving me a different learning experience and outlook. That I wouldn’t have if I did a different internship but now my internship is coming to an end. I have accumulated over 140 hours at Trilogy Production Studios. Over the weekend, Bobby Sampson had a hair workshop at the studio it was a nice turn out. The next day, we both came into the studio, cleaned up everything and put equipment back in it’s rightful place. After that we looked at a rough edit of the short film that he produced. I found some problems with the edit and pointed out to Bobby. He agreed and made me write up an email about what needs to be fixed and what can be done differently. Overall the rough edit was very well put together – it had me ready to see the actual film. The trailer is now posted on Facebook for everyone to see on Bobby Sampson’s page.

For the reminder of the week, Bobby showed me the new script, for a new short film that he is going to be working on sometime this month. I read the script, It’s pretty good – I would tell you guys what it’s about but I can’t. After looking at the script Bobby wanted me to breakdown the script. I didn’t know how to do that but he taught me how to breakdown the script. I broke down the script into 5 different sections: interior, exterior, locations, props, and vehicles. After breaking down the script we talked about roles. What person will play a particular character, we narrowed this down to four people. Now we know what characters we have to cast for the film. Which we’re going to be doing sometime this month. I look forward to seeing how the process of casting goes, since I never witnessed it with my own eyes.

Ashanti Mapp

This week at my internship was a little hectic. I was instructed to help out with a video production with their upcoming project. It is a short about a breakup and learning how to work with others is not my strong suit. Everyone has different opinions and visions of what they had  planned, and people end up clashing on their ideas. For example, simply setting up the props on the table or the surrounding elements was a problem.

Through these challenges, I find myself observing and listening instead just taking over. Sometimes it is hard to watch somebody doing something you may feel is incorrect or not the way you wanted. These struggles makes us grow in the professions we want to pursue and learning to be better with communicating with others.

Ashanti Mapp

Working inside NPACE this week my duties included helping with equipment checkout to students. I learned about the various projects students were working on. For my own group project, we used green screen for a couple scenes in our project. I learned about the Keyer tool in Final Cut Pro X. You can correct the opacity issues and making sure that whatever is in the frame fits in nicely.

I assisted Chris this past Wednesday for one his projects. We went out to a location to help a client brainstorm what they wanted their vision to look like. He was helping a student with their showcase video. I got a chance to learn some new editing tricks in Final Cut.

Ashanti Mapp

This week in my internship I learned how to insert titles and voice over in videos. The titles would be for identifying the speaker who was being shown. The voice overs were for showing what the current thing the speaker was saying. I did not know how to do this before. It helps with the video to look more polished and it looks like I have experience.

I also learned this week that I will be graduating in December, a semester earlier than I thought. I am trying to go overseas to Japan for 2 years to teach English. I would like to take some time to explore before I dive into the work world.

Ashanti Mapp

This week of my internship I was asked to edit some footage for an upcoming project. We used Final Cut Pro to make changes to the video. Learning about different techniques like the keyframe tool, which helps you mark specific points in a clip to change parameter values at those points. Knowing small, but important skills is what sets one apart from the rest. These are also great skills for my future career.

I learned that it is better to have multiple cameras to give different points of view. My videos are mostly first person because I am at live music events. There is no way to edit out background voices and other white noise, this is sometimes a challenge. Having multiple cameras gives the director enough footage to have various shots and creative control.