Summer Hayes

A great semester coming to an end! I’d hate to say good-bye, although, one must continue to grow. This internship has really changed a lot of my views for the better. I have learned how to work with others on a greater scale. Patience, persistence and dedication are three areas I truly grew in while doing this internship. This was not an easy experience, but it was worth it. I would like to thank Danna Gibson and Chris Robinson for brining me on board with them. I can’t think of anyone else who would have given me a better opportunity.

I am happy to say that they have set me up foo success. Over the summer, I will be working with WRBL News 3 as an intern. I would not have been able to do this without Danna Gibson.  I look forward to having a great summer with WRBL. This is a foot in the door to experience many wonders. The communications department at CSU has granted me the best service learning experience I could ask for. I am Summer Hayes, Vlog/ Blog Coordinator, signing off.

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