Summer Hayes

Another phenomenal week! I was able to get more hands-on experiences. Chris Robinson and I went out and I went out and did some filming. The filming was to simply get use to the camera before an event he had to attend. Throughout this mini session with familiarizing ourselves with the equipment, I learned a few things. Chris expounded on how vital it is to be very comfortable with the camera. With that being said, I must know the settings of the camera to get the image I want. One major component learned was understanding how to do a “Rack Focus.” To further explain, this is where the camera transitions from focusing on something far away to focusing on something very close. I really like this camera shot because on only a few seconds, much information can be taken from it.

All in all, the session was awesome. I now use the rack focus in a lot of my own videos. Shot composition is important when filming. With this new skill, my videos will have much more value to them. I look forward to leaning more of these skills to enhance my portfolio and skills.

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