Summer Hayes

Consistency and perseverance were the lessons for the week. Since the semester is coming to an end, many things are starting to pile up. I’ll be honest, I have been getting a little frustrated with my load, but it’s nothing God can’t handle. I have figured of better ways to stay organized so that I can post blogs weekly. Every intern has their own folder dedicated to their own blogs and vlogs. This has allowed me to completely focus on one intern at a time. When I have concerns about their consistency with the blog posts, I just shoot out a quick email to remind me.

I have tried to make it my duty to continue to remind the interns of their weekly blogs. It is completely understood that the work load can be very hectic at times. I’m sure the reminders are a lot of help. Other than that, I have continued to find ways to be consistent with the weekly blogs and have persevered when the tasks began to get harder. I look forward to looking back at this experience and reminding myself that the tough times can be overcome.


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