Summer Hayes

Patience and understanding is key to every successful person. This week was definitely a challenge. It is always such a pleasure to read and edit all of the blogs. It gives me an insight and different point of view of what others do for their internship. Although, there are times that individuals may give only the bare minimum to meet the requirements of the blogs. I like to encourage all the interns to truly share their experiences. With that encouragement comes a lot of patience and understanding for the interns. Realistically speaking, we all have many different tasks to tend to and keeping up with a weekly blog can be very challenging for us all. Although, there is a constant reminder that this blog is not only for us, it is for others that want to read our experiences whether it’s good or bad.

All in all, this week definitely taught me to be humble more than anything. Not everyone is perfect. Although, it’s important that every intern puts their best foot forward at all times. I look forward to working with the interns and making sure that I could be the best vlog/ blog coordinator I can be.


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