Kevin Doyle

On Wednesday, May 2nd I went out with news reporter Tony Sloan. He was reporting about the possibility of having a new apartment complex built on the corner of Hamilton and Macon road. We were doing what the news industry calls “ Man on Street”, or “M.O.S”, where a reporter will go out and talk to people on the street about a story in order to get a reaction or see what the consensus is. After doing a live shot for the 5 o’ clock newscast, and finishing up the editing for later airings, it was time to head back to the station. However, while we were just about to head back, we received a call about a shooting on River Road. We immediately went directly there to join up with the other reporter already on the scene, Sharifa Jackson.

Tony had received the call around 4:40pm; we arrived on the scene approximately 10 minutes later, and found every other news outlet there as well. Once there, we spoke with Sharifa, who had already been there for almost 2 hours. Because it was breaking news, we were fortunate enough to have more than one reporter there. While Ms. Jackson was live at 7 o’ clock, giving as much information as she had to the viewers, we were able to show live footage of the police and GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) presence until 11 pm. Our coverage was different from the other local T.V networks in that they had just a camera setup until 7pm.


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