Keeli Waugh

The first week of box office sales did not do as well as expected. The biggest problem as of right now is keeping the movie in theatres. If the movie doesn’t do well in selected theatres they will stop showing Stubby on their screens and replace it with a different movie. Many theatres had a low number of screens showing the Stubby movie. Any time we see a low number of screens in a theatre, we report it to the sales representative of that region.

We have been checking the number of screens on theatre’s for specific dates. This past week we checked the screen times for Friday. We are also checking to see if Sherlock Gnomes is in the same theatre’s we are showing Stubby. This is a competitor as it is a kid friendly animation film. Also, this coming week the Infinity War movie is coming out. This will be a huge competitor to not only Stubby, but any movie in the theatre’s.


Eboni Guyton

It’s week two of my internship. On Monday, Bobby Sampson and I discussed what he  wanted in an  intern. I discussed that I was looking for a hands on learning experience and improvementing my video editing skills. Then we began talking more about film production. I started to notice that I didn’t know that much as I thought I knew.  I know things about basic interview set ups but not a lot about the film industry. I got a tour of the entire facility. He has three different studios (A,B, and C). I also got a hands on experience of some of the equipment in Studio C. He even has a dog named Steeler – I played with almost every day.

During this week I got to know and learn more about my boss.  Bobby explained how he started in the film industry and the journey of owning two production companies. He also talked a little about how he went into sales and marketing. Later on in the day, we talked about what projects we’re interested in doing – in the future. We discussed some future projects that I can help him on. To name a few a reality show, music videos, and other production projects around Columbus. Throughout this week I learned that I have more to learn. I look forward to working on these future projects and also learning more things about the industry.

Week 2

Chiquita Beadles

Overall, I believe my week was very successful. I was given the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. On Monday, April 16 I participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony at the northside emergency medical department. City officials, community members, and hospital staff were present for the ceremony. After the ceremony, media outlets interviewed the president of the hospital. It was a nice experience to see how interviews with the media are coordinated. The northside emergency department is beneficial to the community because it will decrease the wait time at hospitals in the local community. I was also given the opportunity to be apart of a branding meeting. Members of the Piedmont brand had a meeting with Piedmont Columbus Regional marketing team to discuss the proper protocol regarding marketing material. After the meeting, the marketing department participated in a group lunch.   Lastly, I was able to sit in on a telephone conference about branding. There are set guidelines regarding the resolution of a picture. The Piedmont brand only uses two fonts.

However, I learned a few valuable lessons. In the event, the media is present at event, it is important to prepare for interviews. It is important to know who is being interviewed and the questions that are being asked. Also, when an organization is under a larger brand, it is important to follow guidelines to avoid conflicting branding images.


Andrea Washington

This week, Troy assigned me another set of papers that needed to be put into envelopes. Once this was complete Troy and Amy had me to work on a specific assignment with a coworker to put the new membership forms in alphabetical order in a binder. Once complete Amy and Troy spoke with me on what new assignments I will be working on next week and my schedule for that week. After this I worked on the directory assignment that was assigned to me last week.


I learned this week that you have to have motivation and positive thoughts. It is easy to think negative than positive, you have to work harder to think positive. Which is a good thing because it gives you motivation in what you’re going through and to keep moving. Never give up and always believe in yourself, if you put your mind to it you can achieve it. Your hard work will pay off and it will be worth the hard work.


Andrea Washington

This week Troy assigned me to organize and put important paperwork into envelopes. Once complete to work on a directory through the computer, ordering and organizing all the information within an excel document.  After working on these assignments I spoke with Troy on what other work needed to be finished and my schedule for next week.

I learned this week that some work may take longer than days and weeks to accomplish. It may be a lot of work but pace yourself and keep working and you will complete it. You have to have patience and ask questions until you understand. Also, don’t pay attention to how much you have to complete just keep working. Without these tools it will be hard to keep moving and complete tasks.

Toni Chappell

On Monday April 2 Chris got out of a meeting with Dr. Gibson in his office and sent me an email with a link that showed film festivals. After his meeting he told me my task for the week. I looked for film festivals for production students can participate in over the course of the summer. I was instructed to only pick the festivals that had a documentary section, and they have to be reality close. While looking at the website I found 4 festivals that was retivly close and they had a documentary section. When I fo6nd them I emailed the information to Dr. Gibson and I forgot to put the registration fees. So, I had to go back wand put prices on them. The priceses was low.

I new there were so many film festivals. They don’t only have film catiogories they have art and performance as well. This showed me how small filming companies and or producers get their name around, and also the cash prizes are worth it.

I meet with Dr. Gibson and she pointed out that this promotional and administrative work. This task might seem small but it is really not. I just help provide possible film festivals for students to participate in to possibly make money and put a spot light to CSU’s Communications department. The Communication students are not all about theory and communicating, we also can tell a person’s story effectively, creatively, and clearly. These festivals will allow students to experience an audience watching their works. This also allow students for travel and experience different cities and states.

Toni Chappell

On Monday May 26 we did not have much to do. Chris did not come into office until later that day. So, to make up for time I helped Eric record for his YouTube page. He did an interview with another student Khari Nelson and it was fun. On Friday I was able to meet up with Chris and discuss the changes to his logo and what he plans to do with the changes, he has also renewed his copyrights. He just did not update the website yet which he needs to do.

I learned that a business may use different logos for different reasons. This is important to me because when I start my business I will know to have to multiple logo options to satisfy different occasions.