Toni Chappell

This was a chaotic week from me with Dr. Gibson. This week I took pictures for the public speaking book while recovering from my wisdom tooth form being pulled. I also got a lot of criticism of my work this week.

The chaos started when I get an email form Dr. Gibson telling me that they need the cover photo for their book for the book by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. So, as a favor I had to ask Chris for his professional camera and that was not fun, but none the less I got the camera and I took my shots that Thursday. Once I got the shots on Friday I started at 8:00 in the morning to edit the photos. The hardest thing that I had to do was completely move someone to a whole new location and make him look like he belongs there. I finished in time and I went to meet with Dr. Gibson and Dr. Scott and it went ok.

Dr. Gibson was very picky about what she wanted though there was not a lot of direction in the meeting the week before. Dr. Gibson wanted more diversity and more people but I am afraid that would be much. Dr. Scott however, was very supportive of my idea and the photos that I edited and understanding. The end result was I need to take more pictures that next Monday.  Once the meeting was over I went straight to NPACE and continued to edit. I was feeling a little down about the meeting because I felt like I nailed it but I guess, I didn’t.

The same day Dr. Gibson asked me to take pictures for Lamda Phi Eta Induction Ceremony, a fraternity for communication students. I did not want to go but I knew I had to because no one else was going to be able to come to campus on a Saturday at 12:30pm-1:30pm. So, I got a camera form NPACE and on Saturday I went to the Induction Ceremony. It was nice and I got a lot of nice pictures of students with their families celebrating their induction achievement.

I learned this week that when all of the odds are against you, you need to keep pushing and don’t give up. You might take a step back and revaluate things but don’t stop. I also learned that I am capable and competent. I got this.

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