Olachi Egbutu

This week I actually started filming! It was huge relief to get this project started because this semester is literally flying by! On Monday morning, I interviewed Melissa Young and Tammy Baxter. Melissa is the assistant director at A.C.E so her questions were a little different from Tammy’s. Then, on Wednesday I interviewed academic advisors Kelly Koch and Alisha Miles. It also happened to my first-time meeting Alisha Miles. She works with BOOST program. BOOST is an initiative that provides access to quality health care for children of college students. We also agreed that I would do graphic work for her program and maybe even film a short segment for social media.

Since most of my time was spent filming on Monday and Wednesday, I spent majority of Friday working on the revamp of the SIP Grant Letter. Christopher Holloway noticed that students weren’t taking the time to completely read through the letter so the both of us decided that an infographic of some sort might work better. But after taking the time to read the email, I decided that an infographic was not the best decision for this specific information. So, I kind of created a mix between a flyer and an infographic. Next week, I’m hoping to start editing my video project and begin working with the Dual Enrollment advisor, Jay Davis.

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